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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 1995

Physical Education & Exercise Science

Bergeron, Michael F., Carl M. Maresh, Lawrence E Armstgrong, Joseph F. Signorile, John W. Castellani, Robert W. Keneick, Kent E., Linda LaGasse and Deborah A. Riebe. "Fluid Electrolite Balance Associated With Tennis Match Play in a Hot Environment." International Journal of Sport Nutrition. 5(3):180-193. September 1995.

Blanpied, Peter.  SEE also: Thomas, David Q.

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Fernhall, Bo.   SEE: Loose, M. S.

Garber, Carol Ewing.   SEE: Weiner, Susan P.

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Lamont, Linda.   SEE also: Johnson, N.

Lamont, Linda S., Arthur J. McCullough and Satish K. Kalhan. "Beta Adrenergic Blockade Heightens the Exercise Induced Increase in Leucine Oxidation, " American Journal of Physiology Endocrinology and Metabolism. 31(5):E910 E960. 1995.

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Manfredi, Thomas G.  SEE: Johnson, N.; Wiener, Susan P.

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Riebe, Deborah A.   SEE also: Bergeron, Michael F.

Riebe, Deborah. Cardiovascular and Perceptual Responses to Dehydration, Oral and Intravenous Saline Rehydration, and Subsequent Exercise in Heat. University of Connecticut. 1995.  155p. (Thesis Ph.D.)

Roush, Susan E.   SEE also: Jewell, Marnie W.

Roush, Susan E. "Ethical and Legal Aspects of Physical Education Practice (Column)." Newsletter of the Rhode Island Chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association. 16(3). October 1995; 16(4). December 1995.

Roush, Susan E. "The Satisfaction of Patients With Multiple Sclerosis Regarding Services Received From Physical and Occupational Therapists " International Journal of Rehabilitation and Health. 1(3):155-166. 1995.

Sonstroem, Robert J.   SEE also: Marsh, Herbert W.

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