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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 1996

Biological Sciences

Able, Mary Beth, Marilyn M. Harlin and Glen B. Thursby. "The Role of Bromide in Morphogenesis of Champia Parvula (Abstract)." Journal of Phycology. 32(2,S):3. June 1996.

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Harlin, Marilyn M.  SEE also: Abel, Mary Beth; Apple, Martha E.

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Hill, Robert B.  SEE also: Huddart, H.

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Kass-Simon, Gabriele.  SEE: Grosvenor, W.

Killingbeck, Keith T.  SEE also: Simden-Hempstead, M.

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Norris, Joanna H.  SEE: Apple, Martha E.; Utrop, Linda J.; Wu, Chunfu.

Roberts, Alison W.  SEE: Frost, Alexander O.; Uhnak, Kenneth S.

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Thursby, Gary B.  SEE: Carr, R. S.; Nelson, W. G.; Schimmel, S> C.

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