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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 1996

Communicative Disorders

Freed, Donald B., Robert C. Marshall and Elizabeth Chuhlantseff. "Picture Naming Variability: A Methodological Consideration of Inconsistent Naming Responses in Fluent and Nonfluent Aphasia." Clinical Aphasiology. 24:193-205. 1996.

Grubman-Black, Stephen D. "Most Child Abuse Can Be Prevented (Letter)." Providence Journal-Bulletin. June 7, 1996.   p.B7.

Hatzroni, Orit E. and Ovetta L. Harris. "Cultural Aspects in the Development of AAC Users." Argumentative and Alternative Communication: AA. 12(1):52. March 1996.

Harris, Ovetta L.  SEE: Hetzroni, Orit E.

Marshall, Robert C.  SEE also: Freed, Donald B.

Marshall, Robert, North American Editor. Aphasiology. Vol.10, 1996.

Marshall, Robert S., Sharla R. Harvey, Donald B. Freed and David S. Phillips. "Questions Asking Strategies of Aphasic and Non-Brain-Damaged Subjects." Clinical Aphasiology. 24:181-191. 1996.

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