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Faculty Publications
Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 1996

Human Development & Family Studies

Anderson, Joan Gray.   SEE: Wessells, Cathy Roheim.

Campbell, James F. "Psychology Student as Advocate: Public Policy in  the Classroom." Teaching of Psychology. 23(2):116-118. April 1996.

Campbell, James F. "Stress Points." Good Five Cent Cigar. April 23, 1996.  p.7.

Campbell, James F. "Stress Points: Support the Community Builders." Good Five Cent Cigar. November 11, 1996.  p.10.

Campbell, James F. "Thanks to You All for Making the Eating Disorder Program a Success (Letter)." Good Five Cent Cigar. February 14, 1996.  p.8.

Caruso, David A., Diane M. Horm-Wingerd and Lynda Dickinson. "Head Start Teaching Center: Describing the Initiation of a New Approach to Head Start Staff Development." Child & Youth Care Forum. 25(2):89-99. April 1996.

Caruso, David A. "Maternal Employment Status, Mother-Infant Interaction, and Infant Development in Day Care and Non-Day Care Groups." Child & Youth Care Forum. 25(2):125-134. April 1996.

Clark, P. G., C. Susa, A. R. Factor, M. Janicki, E. F. Ansello and S. Eiderlman. "Aging and Developmental Disability: What Can We Learn From Projects to "Bridge the Gaps" in Services and Policy? (Abstract)." Gerontologist. 36(S1):155-156. October 1996.

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Clark, Phillip G. "Introduction to the Special Section." Educational Gerontology. 22(5):111-v. July-August 1996.

Clark, Phillip G. "Learning From Education: What the Teamwork Literature in Special Education Can Teach Gerontologists About Team Training and Development." Educational Gerontology. 22(5):387-410. July-August 1996.

Horm-Wingerd, Diane M.   SEE also: Caruso, David A.

Horm-Wingerd, Diane M. Head Start Training Center: Evaluation of a New Approach to Head Start Staff Development. ERIC ED 400 054. 1996.  14p.

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Warford, Susan.  SEE: Horm-Wiingerd, Diane M.

Wessells, Cathy Roheim, Jeffrey Kline and Joan Gray Anderson. "Seafood Safety Perceptions and Their Effects on Anticipated Consumption Under Varying Information Treatments." Agricultural and Resource Economics Review. 25(1):12-21. April 1996.

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