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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 1996

Industrial & Manufacturing

Boothroyd, Geoffrey.  SEE: Harjula, T.

Dewhurst, Peter, Associate Editor. Journal of Manufacturing Systems. Vol.15, 1996.

Harjula, T., B. Rapoza, W. A. Knight and G. Boothroyd. "Design for Disassembly and the Environment." CIRP Annals ... Manufacturing Technology. 45(1):109-114. 1996.

Knight, Winston A.  SEE also: Harjula, T.

Knight, W. A. "Software Tools to Evaluate Cost-Benefits and Environmental Impact of Designing for Disassembly, Recycling and the Environment."  IN: Design for the 21st Century - PD3 Regional Technical Conference. Society of Plastics Engineers. 1996.  p.27-38.

Sodhi, Manbir S. and Khalil Tiliouine. "Surface Roughness Monitoring Using Computer Vision." International Journal of Machine Tools & Manufacture. 36(7):817-828. July 1996.

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