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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 1997

Biomedical Sciences

Abushanab, Elie.  SEE also: Barankiewicz, Jerzy; Pragnacharyulu, P. V. P.

Abushanab, Elie and Paille V. P. Pragnacharyulu. Preparation of 9-aralkyladenines as Adenosine Deminase Inhibitors. U. S. US 5,703,084 (Cl.514-261; A61k31/52). 30 Dec. 1997, Appl. 680,413, 15 July 1996.   7p.

Barankiewicz, Jerzy, Anne M. Danks, Elie Abushanab, Lewis Makings, Torsten Wiemann, Roi Ann Wallis, Palle V. P. Pragnacharyulu, Anthony Fox and Paul J. Marangas. "Regulation of Adenosine Concentration and Cytoprotective Effects of Nocel Reversible Anosine Deaminase Inhibitors." Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics. 283(3):1230-1238. December 1997.

Blanchard, Kerry and Kim Boekelheide. "Adenovirus-Mediated Gene Transfer to Rat Testis in Vitro." Biology of Reproduction. 56(2):495-500. February 1997.

Boekelheide, Kim.  SEE: Blanchard, Kerry T.; Cohen, Steven D.; Costa, Stacy L.; Jiang, C.; Lee, J.

Cho, Bongsup P.  SEE: Pandey, Siddarth; Zhou, Li.

Cohen, Steven D., Neil R. Pumford, Edward A. Khairallah, Kim Boekelheide, Lance R. Pohl, H. R. Amouzadeh and Jack A. Hinson. "Selective Protein Covalent Binding and Target Organ Toxicity." Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology. 143(1):1-12. March 1997.

Costa, Stacy, Kim Boekelheide, Barbara C. Vanderhyden, Rahul Seth and Michael W. McBurney. "Male Infertility Caused by Epididymal Dysfunction in Transgenic Mice Expressing a Dominant Negative Mutation of Retinoic Acid Receptor Alpha." Biology of Reproduction. 56(4):985-990. April 1990.

Downing, Gregory J., Bingfang Yan and Alan M. Poisner. "B-Adrenoceptor Activation-Induced Placental Prorenin Secretion Is Mediated by Increased Renin Messenger RNA and Protein Synthesis." Molecular Pharmacology. 51(2):201-208. February 1997.

Endo, Tetsuya, Osama Kimura, Masakatsu and Zahir A. Shaikh. "Mercury Uptake by LLC-PK1 Cells: Dependence on Temperature and Membrane Potential." Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology. 146(20:294-298. October 1997.

Jiang, C., S. J. Hall and K. Boekelheide. "Cloning and Characterization of the 5' Flanking Region of the Stem Cell Factor Gene in Rat Sertoli Cells." Gene. 185(2):285-290. February 7, 1997.

Jiang, C., S. J. Hall and K. Boekelheide. "Development and Characterization of a Prepeubertal Rat Setoli Cell Line, 93PS2." Journal of Andrology. 18(4):393-399. July-August 1997.

Lee, J., J. H. Richburg, S. C. Younkin and K. Boekelheide. "The Fas System Is a Key Regulator of Germ Cell Apoptosis in the Testes." Endocrinology. 138(5):2081-2088. May 1997.

Lin, W. H., S. G. Gramer, J. G. Turcotte and R. S. Thrall. "A Diether Phosphonolipid Surfactant Analog, Depn-8, Is Resistant to Phospholipase-C Cleavage." Respiration. 64(1):96-101. 1997.

Pandy, Sidharth, William E. Acree, Bongsup P. Cho, Jennifer Kim, Chengxi Yang and Rinald G. Harvey. "Spectroscopic Properties of Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds. Part 5. The Nitromethane Selective Quenching Rule Revisited in Aqueous Micellular Solvent Media." Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds. 12(1):1-19. 1997.

Pandy, Sidharth, William E. Acree, Bongsup P. Cho and John C. Fetzere. "Spectroscopic Properties of Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds. Part 6. The Nitromethane Selective Quenching Rule Visited in Aqueous Micellular Zwitterionic Surfactant Solvent Media." Talanta. 44(3):413-421. 1997.

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Pragnacharyulu, Palle V. P. and Elie Abushanab. "Unprecedented Chlorination of 2,2-anhydro-5,6-dihydropyrimidine Nucleosides During DDQ Oxidation." Tetrahedron Letters. 38(21):3683-3686. 1997.

Price, R. G., W. O. Berndt, W. F. Finn, G. Aresini, S. E. Manley, L. M. Fels, Z. A. Shaikh and A. Mutti. "Urinary Biomarkers to Detect Significant Effects of Environmental and Occupational Exposure to Nephrotoxins. III. Minimal Battery of Tests to Assess Subclinical Nephrotoxicity for Epidemiological Studies Based on Current Knowledge." Renal Failure. 19(4):535-538. 1997.

Shaikh, Zahir A.  SEE: Endo, Tetsuya; Price, R. G.

Shimizu, Yuzuru.  SEE also: Zheng, Naiya.

Shimizi, Yuzuru. "Book Review: Biochemical Aspects of Marine Pharmacology. Edited by Philip Lazarovici, Micha E. Spira and Eliahu Zlotkin." Journal of Natural Products. 60(9):958. September 1997.

Turcotte, Joseph G.  SEE: Lin, W. H.

Yan, Bingfang.  SEE: Downing, Gregory J.

Zheng, Naiya and Yuzuru Shimizu. "The Isolation and Structure of Bacillariolide III, an Extracellular Metabolite of the Diatom, Pseudo-nitzschia Multiseies." Chemical Communication. 4:399-400. February 21, 1997.

Zhou, Li, Masoumeh Rajabzadeh, Daniel D. Traficante and Bongsup P. Cho. "Conformational Heterogeneity of Arylamine-Modified DNA: 19F NMR Evidence." Journal of the American Chemical Society. 119(23):5348-5389. 1997.

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