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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 1997

Biological Sciences

Bell, Emily C. "Biomechanics of Wave-Swept Organisms: Strategies for Life in the Flow." Maritimes. 39(2):15-18. Spring 1997.

Bell, Emily C. and John M. Gosline. "Strategies for Life in the Flow: Tenacity, Morphometry, and Probability of Dislodgement of Two Mytilus Species." Marine Ecology Progress Series. 159:197-208. November 29, 1997.

Brooks, Darrell D., Robert B. Hill and Timothy J. Fort. "Structure-Activity Relationships of FMRFamide and Related Peptides on Buccal Muscle of Busycon canaliculatum (Abstract)." Journal of Physiology. 504P(NSI):P20. 1997.

Clancy, Michael and J. Stanley Cobb. "Effect of Wind and Tidal Advection on Distribution Patterns of Rock Crab, Cancer irroratus, Megalope in Block Island Sound, Rhode Island." Marine Ecology Progress Series. 152(1-3):219-225. June 26, 1997.

Cobb, J. Stanley.  SEE also: Clancy, Michael; Harrison, R. W.; Incze, Lewis S.; James-Pirri, M. J.; Vye, C.

Cobb, J. Stanley. "Oceanic Processes Affecting Lobster Larvae: Report From a Workshop." Marine & Freshwater Research. 48(8):771-775. 1997.

Cobb, J. Stanley, John D. Booth and Michael Clancy. "Recruitment Strategies in Lobsters and Crabs: A Comparison." Marine & Freshwater Research. 48(8):797-806. 1997.

Costantino, Robert F.  SEE also: Dennis, Brian; Desharnais, R. A.

Costantino, R. F., R. A.  Desharnais, J. M. Cushing and Brian Dennis. "Chaotic Dynamics in an Insect Population." Science. 275(5298):389-391. 17 January 1997.

Dennis, Brian, R. A. Desharnais, J. M. Cushing and R. F. Costantino. "Transitions in Population Dynamics: Equilibria to Periodic Cycles to Aperiodic Cycles." Journal of Animal Ecology. 66(5):704-729. September 1997.

Desharnais, R. A., R. F. Costantino, J. M. Cushing and Brian Dennis. "Response [to "Estimating Chaos in an Insect Population.' Joe N. Perry et al." Science. 276] Science. 276:1881-1182. 20 June 1997.

Gemma, Jane N.  SEE also: Koske, Richard E.

Gemma, J. N. and R. E. Koske. "Arrbuscular Mycorrhizae in  Sand Dune Plants of the North Atlantic Coast of the U.S.: Field and Greenhouse Innoculation and Presence of Mycorrhizae in Planting Stock." Journal of Environmental Management. 50(3):251-264. July 1997.

Gemma, J. N., R. E. Koske, E. M. Roberts  and N. Jackson. "Enhanced Establishment of Bentgrasses by Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi." Journal of Turfgrass Science. 73:9-14. 1997.

Gemma, J. N., R. E. Koske, E. M. Roberts, N. Jackson and K. De Antonis."Mycorrhizal Fungi Improve Drought Resistance in Creeping Bluegrass." Journal of Turfgrass Science. 73:15-29. 1997.

Goos, Roger D.  SEE also: Hosagoudar, V. B.

Goos, Roger D. "Frank Leslie Howard, 1903-1997." Mycologia. 89:971-974. November 1997.

Goos, R. D. "Fungi of Barro Colorado Island, Adjacent Panama, and the Cali Region of Columbia." Mycotaxon. 64:375-383. September 1997.

Goos, R. D. "On Some Information Infrequently Encountered Fungi Collected in Rhode Island, USA." Mycotaxon. 62:395-400. April-May 1997.

Harlin, Marilyn M.  SEE also: Masson, V. J.; Villalard-Bohnsack, Martine.

Harlin, M. and V. J. Masson. "The Submerged Flora in Trustom Pond Is Changing." RINHews. 4(2):6-8. 1997.

Harrison, R. W. and J. S. Cobb. "In Memoriam: Donald J. Zinn." RINHews. 4(2):12. November 1997.

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Heppner, Frank, Marjorie C. Heppner and Leong Yong Pak. "Teachers' Estimates of, and Measurements of Students' Reading Ability, and Readability of Text Materials in an English as a Second Language Secondary Biology Course." Journal of Applied Research in Education. 1(2):31-39. 1997.

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Hill, Robert B.  SEE also: Brooks, Darrell D.; Kuwuasawa, Kiyoaki; Matsumura, S.

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Hyland, Kerwin E.  SEE: Hu, Renjie; Markowski, Daniel.

Incze, Lewis S., Richard A. Wahle and J. Stanley Cobb. "Quantitative Relationships Bewtween Postlarval Production and Benthic Recruitment in Lobsters, Homerus americanus." Marine & Freshwater Research. 48(8):729-743. 1997.

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Koske, Richard E.  SEE also: Gemma, Jane N.

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Roberts, Alison W.  SEE also: Kiedasch, Brett M.

Roberts, Alison W., Shannon G. Donovan and Candace H. Haigler. "A Secreted Factor Induces Cell Expansion and Formation of Metaxylem-Like Trachery Elements in Xylogenic SuspensionCultures of Zinnia." Plant Physiology. 115(2):683-692. October 1997.

Roberts, Eric M.  SEE: Gemma, Jane N.

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Vye, C., J. S. Cobb, T. Bradley, J. Gabboy, A. Genizi and T. Karplus. "Predicting the Winning or Losing of Symmetrical Contest in the American Lobster Homerus americanus (Milne-Edwards)." Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology. 217(1):19-29. October 1997.

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