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Faculty Publications
Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 1997

Communicative Disorders

Freed, D. B., R. C. Marshall and K. E. Frazier. "Long Term Effectiveness of PROMPT Treatment in a Severely Apractice-Aphasic Speaker." Aphasiology. 11(4-5):365-372.

Grubman-Black, Steve. "Remember Not to Forget Impact of the Holocaust Then and Now (Letter)." Good Five Cent Cigar. April 3, 1997.  p.10.

Grubman-Black, Steve. "Stern Deseves Less From the Press (Letter)." Providence Journal-Bulletin. March 26, 1997.  p.E4.

Kovarsky, Dana and Judith Duchan. "The Interactional Dimensions of Language Therapy." Language, Speech & Hearing Services in Schools. 28(3):297-307. July 1997.

Kovarsky, Dana and Jack Damico. "Language and Context: Some Issues of Practice." Language, Speech & Hearing Services in Schools. 28(3):308-3113. July 1997.

Kovarsky,  D. "Pedagogy and language Minority Students: Reframing a Zero Sum Game." Special Interest Division 1: Language, Learning, and Education. 4(2):11-14. October 1997.

Kovarsky, Dana and Madeline Laxwell. "Rethinking the Context of Language in the Schools." Language, Speech & Hearing Services in Schools. 28(3):219-230. July 1997.

Marshall, Robert C.  SEE also: Freed, D. B.

Marshall, Robert C. "Aphasia Treatment in the Early Postonset Period: Managing Our Resources Effectively." American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology. 6(1):5-11. February 1997.

Marshall, Robert C. "Aphasic Naming Deficits: Effects of Deep- and Surface-Level Treatments." Rehabilitation R & D Progress Reports. 34:259-260. May 1997.

Marshall, Robert C., North American Editor. Aphasiology; An Interdisciplinary Journal. Vol.11, 1997.

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Marshall, Robert C., Claudia A. Morelli, Gina E. Calise and Davis S. Phillips. "Retrieval of Famous Names on a Rebus Riddle Task by Middle Aged and Older Subjects." Perceptual and Motor Skill. 85(3/2):1491-1494. December 1997.

Singer, Jay. "Digital Hearing Aids Are Readily Available (Letter)." Narragansett Times. June 20, 1997.   p.19-A.

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