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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 1997

Finance & Insurance

Alles, Laksman, Rosita P. Chang and Ramakrishnan S. Koundinya. Debt Financing by Industrial Firms in the Pacific-Basin: An Empirical Study. Curtin University, Institute for Research into International Competitiveness. 1997.  18p.

Boyle, Edmund J., Mark M. Higgins and S. Ghon Rhee. "Defense Industries Initiative on Business Ethics and Conduct." Critical Perspectives in Accounting. 8:541-561. 1997.

Chang, Rosita P.  SEE also: Alles, Laksman.

Han, Li-Ming, Gene C. Lai and Robert C. Witt. "A Financial-Economic Evaluation of Insurance Guaranty Fund System: An Agency Cost Perspective." Journal of Banking and Finance. 21(8):1107-1129. August 1997.

Kim, Kenneth A. and S. Ghon Rhee. "Price Limit Performance: Evidence From the Tokyo Stock Exchange." Journal of Finance. 52(2):885-901. June 1997.

Lai, Gene C.  SEE: Jan, Li-Ming.

Rhee, S. Ghon.  SEE also: Boyle, Edmund J.; Kim, Kenneth A.

Rhee, S. Ghon, Editor. Pacific-Basin Finance Journal. Vol.5, 1997.

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