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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 1997

Languages & Literature, Modern & Classical

Brooks, Andree.  "Jewish Recipes of the Inquisition (Recipes of Jews During the Spanish Inquisition Are Recreated by Dr. Linda Davidson and Dr. David M. Gitlitz; Includes Recipes." New York Times. April 16, 1997.  p.C6.

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Waters, Chris. "Lifeguards and Gigglers (Poem)." Syncopated City. 8:20. Summer 1997.

Waters, Chris. "Lobster Hug (Poem)." The Quill. 2(1):[1]. 1997.

Waters, Chris. "Megaphone Man (Short Story)." Sulphur River Literary Review. 13(2):47-54. Fall 1997.

Waters, Chris. "Mom at 63! (Poem)." The Quill. 2(!):[6]. 1997.

Waters, Chris. "Out of the Mouths (Poem)." Syncopated City. 8:20. Summer 1997.

Waters, Chris. "Rape of the Shell (Poem)." Syncopated City. 8:20. Summer 1997.  (Previously Published in Blue River Poetry Magazine. 1958)

Waters, Chris. "Sibling Reunion (Poem)." Crone's Nest. 3:43. 1997.  (First Published in American Weave. 26(4):43. 1962-63.

Waters, Chris. "Sioux (Poem)." Mobius. 10(2):[6]. Spring-Summer 1997.

Waters, Chris. "Walls of the Praying Indian Lament (Poem)." American indian Culture and Research Journal. 24(4):287. 1997.

Waters, Chris. "Wife and Son on Mother's Day (Poem)." Syncopated City. 8:20. Summer 1997.

Waters, Chris. "Wonder Bread Special 89c (Poem)." Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review. 1997.  (Previously Published online in Blue Penny Quarterly. 1996)

Waters, Chris. "You (Under Christina Mancinelli) (Poem)." Free Focus. p.[27].

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