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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 1997

Mechanical Engineering & Applied Mechanics

Datseris, Philip.  SEE: Jouaneh, Musa K.

Faghri, Mohammad.  SEE also:Kavehpour, H. P.; Shirvanian, A.; Yang, L. C.

Faghri, Mohammad, W. J. Minkowycz, J. P. Hartnett, Lorin R. Davis, Gordon M. Reistad, Ronald L. Adams, J. Craig Dutton, Arthur E. Bergles, Richard L. Goldstein and Chang-Lin Tien. "Professor James R. Welty on the Occasion of His Retirement From Full Academic Service." International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer. 40(18):4253-4254. November 1997.

Ge, Ping and Musa Jouaneh. "Generalized Preisach Model for Hysteresis Nonlinearity of Piezoceramic Actuators." Precision Engineering. 29(2):99. 1997.

Ghonem, Hamouda.  SEE: Tamin, M. N.

Hu, Zhimun and F. M. White. "Mean-Flow Characteristics of Turbulent Curved Jets in a Moderately Confining Space."  IN: FED Contributed Papers ion Fluids Engineering: Proceedings of the 1997 ASME Fluids Engineering Division Summer Meeting. ASME. (FEDSM 97) 1997.  

Ibrahim, Osama, Stanley M. Barnett and Vionnay G. Balamura. "Improving the Performance of Ammonia-Water Absorption Cycles Using Salt Additives and Membranes." ASHRAE Transactions. 103(1):439-443. 1997.

Jouaneh, Musa K.  SEE also: Ge, Ping.

Jouaneh, Musa K., A. Hammad and P. Datseris. "A Flexible Automated Foam Cutting System." International Journal of Machine Tools & Manufacturing. 37(4):437-449. April 1997.

Jouaneh, M. and P. Ge. "Modeling and Control of a Micro-Positioning Tower." Mechatronics. 7(5):465-478. August 1998.

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Kim, Thomas J. "From the Dean's Desk." University of Rhode Island Engineering Newsletter. 3(2):3. Spring 1997; 4(1):3. Fall 1997.

Lessman, Richard C.  SEE: Zhang, Zongqin.

Martonen, Ted, Zongqin Zhang and Yadong   Yang. "Particle Diffusion From Developing Flows in Rough-Walled Tubes." Aerosol Science and Technology. 26(1):1-11. January 1997.

Pence, Deborah V.  SEE also: Ross, KristIn.

Pence, Deborah V. and Donald E. Beasley. "Chaos Analysis and Contact Dynamics of Heat Transfer in a Gas-Fluidized Bed."   IN: Proceedings of the 1997 ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exhibition. 1997.  I:255-263.

Ricci, Vittorioi, Arun Shukla and Raman P. Singh. "Evaluation of Fracture Mechanics Parameters in Biomaterial Systems Using Strain Gages." Engineering Fracture Mechanics. 58(4):273-283. November 1997.

Ross, Kristin and Deborah V. Pence. "Wavelet and Fractal Analysis of Fluidized Bed Heat Transfer."  IN:  Proceedings of the 1997 ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exhibition. 1997.   I:245-253.

Sadd, Martin H.  SEE also: Tai, Qiming; Zhu, Yan.

Sadd, Martin H. and J. Y. Gao. "Effect of Particle Damage on Wave Propagation in Granular Materials." ASME-ASSCE-SES Joint Summer Meeting, Proceedings of the Mechanics of Deformation and Flow of Particulate. ASCE. 1997.  p.159-173.

Sadd, M. H., J. Y. Gao and A. Shukla. "Numerical Analysis of Wave Propagation Through Assemblies of Eliptical Particles." Computers and Geotechnics. 20(3/4):323-343. 1997.

Shirvanian, A., M. Faghri and Y. Asako. "Numerical Solution of the Effect on Vibration on Melting of Unfixed Rectangular Phase-Change Materials Under Low-Gravity Environment."  IN: Proceedings of the 1997 ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exhibition. 1997.   p.265-276.

Shirvanian, A., M. Faghri, Z. Zhang and Y. Asako. "Numerical Solution of the Effect on Vibration on Melting of Unfixed Rectangular Phase-Change Materials UnderVariable-Gravity Environment." Numerical Heat Transfer; Pt. A - Applications. 34(3):257-278. August 28, 1997.

Shukla, Arun.  SEE: Ricci, Vittorio; Sadd, Martin H.; Sienkiewicz, F.; Singh, Raman P.; Vallee, Glen E.; Zhu, Yan.

Sienkiewicz, F. and A. Shukla. "A Simple Fiber-Optic Sensor for Use Over a Large Displacement Range." Optics and Lasers in Engineering. 28(4):293-304. November 1997.

Singh, Raman P., Mahesh Kavaturu and Arun Shukla. "Initiation, Propagation and Arrest of  an Interface Crack Subjugated to Controlled Stress Wave Loading." International Journal of Fracture. 83(3):291-304. 1997.

Tai, Qiming and Martin H. Sadd. "A Discrete Element Study of the Relationship of Fabric to Wave Propagation Behaviors in Granular Materials." International Journal for Numerical and Analytical Methods in Geomechanics. 21(5):295-311. May 1997.

Tamin, M. N. and H. Ghonem. "Interphase Strength of Ti-MMG Using a Localized Stress Approached MD Composite and Functionally Graded Material."  IN: Composites and Functionally Graded Materials. ASME. 80:141-150. 1997.

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White, Frank M.  SEE: Hu, Zhimin.

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Zhang, Zongqin.  SEE also: Martonen, Ted.

Zhang, Z. and T. Martonen. "Comparison of Theoretical and Experimental Particle Diffusion Data Within Human Airway Casts." Cell Biochemistry and Biophysics. 27(2Z):97-108. 1997.

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Zhu, Y., Frank Sienkiewicz, Arun Shukla and Martin Sadd. "Propagation of Explosive Pulses in Assemblies of Disks and Spheres." Journal of Engineering Mechanics. 123(10):1050-1059. October 1997.

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