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Faculty Publications
Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 1997


Foster, Cheryl. "Influencing Our Notions of Coastal Beauty: Why We Like That Beach." Providence Journal-Bulletin. July 28, 1997.  p.B5.

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Wenisch, Fritz. "Consider the Lives in the Balance (Column)." Providence Journal-Bulletin. May 31, 1997.  p.

Wenisch, Fritz. "Harrick is the Wrong Model Coach (Letter)." Providence Journal-Bulletin. May 15, 1997.  p.B7.

Wenisch, Fritz. "The Hypocrisy of Official Apologies (Column)." Providence Journal-Bulletin. July 26, 1997.   p.C7.

Wenisch, Fritz. "Is God Necessary for Ethical Behavior? (Column)." Providence Journal-Bulletin. November 15, 1997.   p.C5.

Wenisch, Fritz. "Not Too Late to Rediscover the Beauty of Life (Column)." Providence Journal-Bulletin. February 8, 1997.  p.C5.

Wenisch, Fritz. "Veneration of Saints Is Not a Form of Paganism (Column)." Providence Journal-Bulletin. September 20, 1997.  p.C5.

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