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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 1997

Political Science

Hamilton, Cynthia M. "From the Streets of Hope to the Landscapes of Dispair: The Case of Los Angeles."  IN: Jennings, James, Editor. Race and Politics: New Challenges and Responses for Black Activists. Verso. 1997.  p.57-66.

Hamilton, Cynthia and Mary Ellen Reilly. "Time to Rid Ourselves of Discrimination (Letter)." Good Five Cent Cigar. October 29, 1997.  p.7.

Leduc, Edgar. "Common Cause of the Ruling Class (Letter)." Providence Journa;-Bulletin. March 7, 1997.   p.B7.

Leduc, Edgar. "The Judicial 'Merit Selection' Scam (Letter)." Providence Journal-Bulletin. March 30, 1997.   p/D9.

Moakley, Maureen. "The New Faces of the R. I. Legislation." Providence Journal-Bulletin. January 13, 1997.   p.B5.

Moakley, M. "Political Parties in Rhode Island: Back to the Future." Polity. 39(1,suppl):95-112. 1997.

Petro, Nicolai N. "Legacy of Containment: Reshaping US Foreign Policy Towards Russia." Harvard International Law Review. 19(4):38-39,62-64. Fall 1997.

Petro, Nicolai N. and Alvin Z. Rubinstein. Russian Foreign Policy: From Empire to Nation-State. Longman. 1997.  347p.

Stein, Art. "Guest Speaker Peace-Building in Bosnia (Letter)." Good Five Cent Cigar. November 5, 1997.   p.6.

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