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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 1997


Armstrong, Gordon. "Theatre as a Complex Adaptive System." New Theatre Quarterly. 13(51):277-288. August 1997.

Emery, Joy.  SEE also: Smith, Ebony-Anne.

Emery, Joy Spanabel. "Development of the American Commercial Pattern Industry: The First Generation, 1850-1880." Costume. 31:78-91. 1997.

Emery, Joy, Curatorial Consultant. Dreams on Paper: Home Sewing in America. Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology. 1997.   (Display)

Emery, Joy, Costume Designer. The Mousetrap. URI Theatre Department. February 13-15,19-22, 1997.

Gemma, Lori. "'Jesus Christ Superstar' Needs Some Divine Intervention (Judith Swift, Director)." Timeout: Narragansett Times. August 8, 1997.  p.4.

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Smith, Ebony-Anne. "'Dreams on Paper, Home Sewing in America' Exhibit Opens Up History to Commercial Sewing (Exhibit by Joy Emery at the Fashion Institute of Technology.)." Good Five Cent Cigar. February 27, 1997.  p.6.

Swift, Judith.  SEE also: Gemma, Lori; Seavor, Jim.

Swift, Judith, Director. La Cage aux Follies. Will Theatre, University of Rhode Island. December 4-5,10-13, 1997.

Swift, Judith. "Center Yourself and Get Yourself Center: A Primer for Modern Living."  IN: Perishable Theatre's 5th Annual Women's Playwriting Festival. Seattle, Washington. Rain City Projects. 1997.  p.4.

Swift, Judith, Director. Jesus Christ Superstar. Theatre-by-the-Sea. 1997.

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