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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 1998

Biological Sciences

Bullock, Bob, Advisory Group. Maritimes. Vol.40, 1998.

Burnett, Michael A., Peter V. August, James H. Brown, Jr. and Keith T. Killingbeck. "The Influence of Geomorphological Heterogeneity on Biodiversity. I. A Patch-Scale Perspective." Conservation Biology. 12(2):363-370. April 1998.

Cobb, J. Stanley.  SEE also: James-Pirri, Mary-Jane; Spanier, E.

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Costantino, Robert F.  SEE also: Cushing, J. M.; Hensen, Shanelle M.

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Goos, Roger D.  SEE also: Hosagoudar, V. B..; Hywel-Jones, N. L.

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Harlin, Marilyn and Martine Villalard-Bohnsack. "An Invasive Red Seaweed Grateloupia doryphora, Spreads Throughout Narragansett Bay and Contiguous Waters: An Update." RINHews. 5(1):7-9. April 1998.

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Heppner, Frank.  SEE also: Moyle, Robert G.

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Kass-Simon, Gabriele.  SEE: Cromarty, S. I.

Killingbeck, Keith T.  SEE also: Burnett, Michael R.; Nichols, William F.

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Twombley, Saran, Nancy Clancy and Carolyn W. Burns. "Life History Consequences of Food Quality in the Fresh-Water Copepod Boekella-Triaticulata." Ecology. 79(5):1711-1724. July 1998.

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