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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 1998


Barnett, Stanley M.  SEE: Brown, Chris W.

Bose, Arijit.  SEE: Meagher, Robert J.

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Gregory, Otto J.  SEE: Brown, Chris W.

Lucia, Angelo and Delong Liu. "An Acceleration Method for Dogleg Methods in Simple Singular Regions." Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research. 37(4):1358-1363. April 1998.

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Meagher, Robert J., T. Alan Hatton and Arijit Bose. "Enthalpy Measurements in Aqueous SDS/DTAB Solutions Using Isothermal Titration Microcalorimetry." Langmuir, 14(15):4081-4087. July 21, 1998.

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