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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 1998

Food Science & Nutrition

Brown, Chris W., Yue Li, John A. Seleenbinder, Phillip Pivarnik, Arthur G. Rand, Stephen V. Letcher, Otto J. Gregory and Michael J. Platek. "Immunoassays Based on Surface-Enhanced Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy." Analytical Chemistry. 70(14):2991-2996. July 15, 1998.

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Sebelia, Linda. "Asparagus: Sweet Spears of Spring (Low-Cal Cooking)." Providence Journal. April 8, 1998.   p.F6.

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Sebelia, Linda. "Nutrition-Packed Pasta Dinner From the Crock Pot (Low-Cal Cooking)." Providence Journal-Bulletin. July 8, 1998.  p.G3.

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Sebelia, Linda. "Olives an Easy Addition to Many Classic Snacks (Low-Cal Cooking)." Providence Journal-Bulletin. March 4, 1998.  p.G3.

Sebelia, Linda. "One-Third of Americans May Need More Vitamin D (Low-Cal Cooking)." Providence Journal-Bulletin. March 25, 1998.  p.G3.

Sebelia, Linda. "Pumpkin Muffins: One More Time (Low-Cal Cooking)." Providence Journal. October 28, 1998.   p.G3.

Sebelia, Linda. "Quick Bread Can Make a Low-Fat, Inexpensive Present (Low-Cal Cooking)." Providence Journal-Bulletin. December 9, 1998.  p.G3.

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Sebelia, Linda. "Rhubarb's Easy as Pie to Serve as a Vegetable (Low-Cal Cooking)." Providence Journal-Bulletin. April 15, 1998. 

Sebelia, Linda. " Soft Margerine Is Better Than Butter for Health (Low-Cal Cooking)." Providence Journal. November 4, 1998.  p.E2.

Sebelia, Linda. "Soup Suppers Hit the Spot After Those Holiday Feasts (Low-Cal Cooking)." Providence Journal. December 2, 1998.  p.F4.

Sebelia, Linda. "Spread Out Those Calories As You Get Older (Low-Cal Cooking)." Providence Journal-Bulletin. February 25, 1998.  p.G5.

Sebelia, Linda. "Squash With Corn in Soup; Heart-Healthy Zuccini Bread (Low-Cal Cooking)." Providence Journal. September 9, 1998.  p.G2.

Sebelia, Linda. "Strawberries Are a Sweet Indulgence (Low-Cal Cooking)." Providence Journal. June 10, 1998.   p.G2.

Sebelia, Linda. "Taking the Scare Out of Eating Sugar; A Spooky Idea for Tuna Sandwiches (Low-Cal Cooking)." Providence Journal. October 14, 1998.  p.G4.

Sebelia, Linda. "These Side Dishes Are Easy to Make (Low-Cal Cooking)." Providence Journal-Bulletin. May 20, 1998.  p.F3.

Sebelia, Linda. "These Smooth Ideas Make It Easier to Eat Healthier (Low-Cal Cooking)." Providence Journal-Bulletin. July 15, 1998.  p.G2.

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Sebelia, Linda. "Watermelon Makes a Unique Salad (Low-Cal Cooking)." Providence Journal-Bulletin. August 12, 1998.   p.G2.

Sebelia, Linda. "We Need More 'Good' Cholesterol (Low-Cal Cooking)." Providence Journal-Bulletin. September 16, 1998.  p.G2.

Sebelia, Linda. "What the New Milk Labels Mean (Low-Cal Cooking)." Providence Journal. February 11, 1998.   p.G3.

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