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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 1998

Library & Information Studies

Atleo, Marlene, Naomi Caldwell, Barbara Landis, Jean Mendoza, Deborah Miranda, Debbie Reese, Rose LaVera, Beverly Slapin and Cynthia Smith. "Fiction Posing as Truth: A Critical Review of Ann Rinald's My Heart Is on teh Ground: The Diary of Nannie Little Rose, a Sioux Girl."  IN: Alternative Library Literature. 1998/99:177-188.  (Adapted From an Article in Multicultural Education,.1999)

Carson, C. Herbert, Compiler. 1997/98 Salary Survey of New England College Libraries. New England Chapter of the Association of College and Research Libraries. 1998.

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Ma, Yan and Virgil Diodata. "A Semiotic Analysis oif Icons on the World Wide Web Library Home Pages - An Analysis of Indexing and Use (Abstract)."  IN: Mustafa El Hodi, Widad, Jacques Maniez and Steven A. Pollito, Editors. Structural Relations in Knowledge Organization. Ergon Verlag. 1998.  p.418.

McCarthy, Cheryl A. "The Future of Multitype Library Cooperation in Rhode Island." RILA Bulletin. 71(10-12):1-3. Fall 1998.

Rosenzweig, Susan. "Extending the Five-Foot Bookself: More Essential Books for Libraries Serving Young Adults." VOYA. The Voice of Youth Advocates. 21(4):257. October 1998.

Stankus, Tony. "Electronic Journals: Questions for Today With Answers for Now." Technicalities. 18(5):1,10-14. May 1998.

Stankus, Tony and Joanne T. Correlus. "A Librarian's Guide to :Lupus.." Reference & User Services Quarterly. 37(3):263-267. Spring 1998.

Stankus, Tony. "Making Sense of Serials: Journal Divorces." Technicalities. 18(1):4-5. 1998.

Svengalis, Kendall. Legal Information Buyer's Guide and Reference Manual, 1998-99. Rhode Island Law Press. 1998.  702p.

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