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Faculty Publications
Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 1998


Barbuto, John E., Jr. and Richard W. Scholl. "Motivation Sources Inventory: Development and Validation of New Scales to Measure an Integrative Taxonomy of Motivation." Psychological Reports. 82(3/1):1011. June 1998.

Coakley, Lori A., William Graves III and Linda M. Randall. "Leadership in Russian Defense Enterprises: The Conflict Between Effective and Expected Courses of Action." Research in International Business and Finance. 7:6. 1998.

Comer, Debra A. and Elizabeth A. Cooper. "Gender Relations and Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: Michael Crichton's Disclosure as a Teaching Tool." Journal af Management Education. 22(2):227-241. April 1998.

Cooper, Elizabeth A.  SEE: Comer, Debra A.; Geiger, Marshall A.

Dugal, Sanjiv S.  SEE: Roy, Matthew R.

Geiger, Marshall A., Elizabeth A. Cooper, Inam Hussain, Brendan T. O'Connell, Jeffrey Power, K. Raghunandan, D. V. Rama and Guadalupe Sanchez. "Using Expectancy Theory to Assess Student Motivation: An International Replication." Issues in Accounting Education. 13(1):139-156. February 1998.

Randall, Linda M.  SEE also: Coakley, Lori A.

Randall, Linda M. and Lori A. Coakley. "Building Successful Business Relationships in Russia and Belarus: The Impact of Culture on Strategy." Business Horizons. 41(2):15-22. March/April 1998.

Roy, Matthew R. and Sanjiv S. Dugal. "Developing Trust: The Importance of Cognitive Flexibility and Co-Operative Concepts." Accounting for Inflation: Issues and Managerial Practice. 36(9):561. 1998.

Scholl, Richard W.  SEE: Barbuto, John E., Jr.

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