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Faculty Publications
Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 1998


Ariew, Andre. "Are Probabilities Necessary for Evolutionary Explanations?" Biology and Philosophy. 13(2):245-253. April 1998.

Foster, Cheryl. "The Narrative and the Ambient in Environmental Aesthetics." Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism. 56(2):127-147. Spring 1998.

Foster, Cheryl. "Nature: Nature and Artistic Creation."  IN: Encyclopedia of Aesthetics. Michael Kelly, Editor-in-Chief. Oxford. 1998.  4 vol.  III:338-341.

Foster, Cheryl. "Rainville Selection Process Needs Change (Letter)." Good Five Cent Cigar. April 1998.

Johnson, Galen A. "Husserl and Piaget: Genesis, Sediments, and Stages." New Ideas in Psychology. 16(1):31-37. April 1998.

Johnson, Galen A. "Maurice Merleau-Ponty."  IN: Encyclopedia of Aesthetics. Michael Kelly, Editor-in-CHief. Oxford. 1998.  4 vol.  III:205-208.

Peterson, John. "Aquinas's Existentialism Defined." Dialogue (PST). 40(2-3):49-56. April 1998.

Peterson, John. "Judgment and Existence in Aquinas." American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly. 72(4):529-530. Fall 1998.

Peterson, John. "Truth and Judgment in Aquinas: Structure and Dimensions of Truth." Modern Schoolman. LXXVI:1-16. November 1998.

Wenisch, Fritz. "Clinton Hasn't Managed His Own House (Column)." Providence Journal-Bulletin. October 17, 1998.  p.D7.

Wenisch, Fritz. "Don't Blame Holocaust on Pope (Column)." Providence Journal-Bulletin. May 2, 1998.   p.D7.

Wenisch, Fritz. "Faith, Reason Must Support Each Other (Column)." Providence Journal-Bulletin. December 12, 1998.   p.D7.

Wenisch, Fritz. "Is Tolerance or Hostility in the Air? (Column)." Providence Journal-Bulletin. January 10, 1998.  p.D7.

Wenisch, Fritz. "Let's Not Let the Chinese People Down (Column)." Providence Journal-Bulletin.  June 27, 1998.  p.D5.

Wenisch, Fritz. "Nepotism at URI Is Not Allowed (Letter)." Providence Journal-Bulletin. July 5, 1998.  p.B7.

Wenisch, Fritz. "Papacy Has Long Opposed Slavery(Column)." Providence Journal-Bulletin.   March 7, 1998.  p.D7.

Wenisch, Fritz. "'What Went Wrong With Vatican II' (Column)." Providence Journal-Bulletin. August 22, 1998.   p.D5.

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