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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 1999

Political Science

Healey, M. C. and T. Hennessey. "The Paradox of Fairness: The Impact of Escalating Complexity on Fishery Management." Marine Policy. 22(2):109-118. March 1998.

Hennessey, Timothy.  SEE: Healey, M. C.

Leduc, Edgar C. "Separation of Powers is Overrated (Letter)." Providence Journal-Bulletin. April 27, 1998.   p.B6.

Moakley, Maureen. "Separation of Powers' Debate is a Struggle for Power." Providence Journal-Bulletin. July 7, 1998. 

Petro, Alison and Nicolai N. Petro. "A Year in Novgorod the Great." ISRE Newsletter on East European, Eurasian and Russian Educator. 7(1):4,17-18. Spring 1998.

Petro, Nicolai N.  SEE also: Petro, Alison.

Petro, Nicolai N. "About the Concept of Political Culture, or the Main Error of Sovietoplogy." Polis. #1:36-51. January 1998.  (in Russian)

Petro, Nicolai N. "Book Review: The Agony of the Russian Idea. By Tim McDaniel." Slavic Review. 57(2):463-465. Summer 1998.

Petro, Nicolai N. "Democratic Traditions in Russian Political Culture." Bulletin of Novgorod State University, "Humanities Series." #9/98:18-22. May 1998.

Petro, Nicolai N. "Extending a Hand to Russia." Narragansett Times. March 18, 1998.

Petro, Nicolai N. "Russians, URI to Trade Secrets for Success." Providence Journal-Bulletin. March 4, 1998.

Zucker, N. L. "Book Review: Refugees in America in the 1900s: A Reference Handbook, by D. W. Haines." International Migration Review. 32(1):237-238. Spring 1998.

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