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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 1998

Sociology & Anthropology

Albert, A. "Book Review: Women and Bullfighting, by S. Pink." Anthrozoos. 11(2):113-114. 1998.

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Carroll Leo.  SEE also: Vaughan, Michael S.

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Gersuny, Carl.  SEE also: Molloy, Scott.

Gersuny, Carl. "A Biographical Note on Seth Luther."  IN Molloy, Scott, Carl Gersuny and Robert Macieski, Editors. Peacably If We Can, Forcibly If We Must! Writings by and About Seth Luther. Rhode Island Labor History Society. 1998.  p.74-86.  (Reprinted From Labor History. 18(2). Spring 1977)

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Gersuny, Carl. "Ever-Flexible Zoning Laws Will Be Our Run (Letter)." Providence Journal. November 19, 1998.  p.C5.

Gersuny, Carl. "Pegueros Owed Debt of Gratitude (Letter)." Good Five Cent Cigar. December 11, 1998.  p.4.

Gersuny, Carl. "To the Letter (Letter)." CWRU; The Magazine of Case Wester Reserve University. May 1998.

Gersuny, Carl. "Perverted Priorities (Letter)." Providence Journal-Bulletin. June 9, 1998.  p.B7.

Gersuny, Carl. "Real Growth Management Needed (Letter)." Narragansett Times. November 13, 1998.  p.9A.

Gersuny, Carl. "Voice of the Fan: URI Needs to Reset Its Priorities (Letter)." Providence Sunday Journal. July 19, 1998.  p.D12.

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Vaughn, Michael S. and Leo Carroll. "Separate and Unequal: Prison Versus Free-World Medical Care." Justice Quarterly: JQ. 15(1):3-40. March 1998.

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