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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 1998


Armstrong, Gordon. "Civil War and Civil Discord: Theatrical Representation of the Common WIll and the Single Heart in the Terrible Century." Theatre Research International. 23(1):1-6. Spring 1998.

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McGlasson, Paula.  SEE also: Emery, Joy; Seavor, Jim.

McGlasson, Paula, Director. The Wiz. Dec.3-5,9-12, 1998.

Seavor, Jim. "URI 'Wiz' Lacks Oomph (Paula McGlasson, Director)." Providence Journal. December 5, 1998.  p.D.3.

Swift, Judith. "On Family Values and the Theatre." Options. XVOO(1):29. February 1998.

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