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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 1999

Civil & Environmental

Brown, Richard, K. Wayne Lee and Yong Cao. "Evaluation of Passivation Method and Corrosion Inhibitors for Steel Reinforced Concrete Structures." Proceedings of the SPIE. 3587:266-285. 1999.

Karamanlidis, Dimitrios. "Book Review: A Primer for Finite Elements in Elastic Structures. By W. F. Carroll." Journal of Engineering Mechanics. 125(2):252-253. February 1999.

Karamanlidis, Dimitrios. "Book Review: Vibration of Mindlin Plates: Programming the P-Version Ritz Method, by K. M. Liew, C. M. Wang, Y. Xiang and S. Kitpornchai." Journal of Engineering Mechanics. 125(7):864. July 1999.

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Lee, K. Wayne. SEE: Brown, RichardWright, Raymond M.; Young, Henry S. ; Wright, Raymond M

Marcus, Alan S. "Enough Deans at URI! (Letter)." Providence Journal. November 5, 1999. p.B7.

Moultrop, Kendall. "Aeronautical Engineering Comes to Bliss Hall." University of Rhode Island Engineering Newsletter. 6(1):5. Fall 1999.

Moultrop, Kendall. "A Look Back at the College of Engineering – Part VII: World War I and the Construction of Bliss Hall." University of Rhode Island Engineering Newsletter. 5(2):5. Spring 1999.

Shaw, Robert B. SEE: Young, Henry S.

Tsiatis, George and Shane M. Palmquist. "Fatigue Evaluation of Highway Bridges." Probabilistic Engineering Mechanics. 14:189-194. January-April 1999.

Urish, Daniel W. SEE: Wright, Raymond M.

Wright, Raymond M. and Daniel W. Urish. "Contaminant Sleuthing in the Coastal Environment." Maritimes. 41(3):6-7. Fall 1999.

Wright, Raymond M., K. Wayne Lee, James G. Quinn, Pradeep Vashisth and Christopher M. Reddy. Assessment of Water Pollutants From ASphalt Pavement Containing Recycled Rubber in Rhode Island. Final Research Report. Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Graduate School of Oceanography, The University of Rhode Island. December 1999.  1 Vol (Various Pagings)

Young, Henry S., Robert B. Shaw and K. Wayne Lee. "Trip Generation Study of Passenger Rail Station at Providence, Rhode Island." Transit Intermodal Facilities, Rail Systems, Commuter Rail, Major Activity Center Circulation Systems, Light Rail, Ferry Systems, and Rail Maintenance. (Transportation Research Record. No.1677) 1999. p.10-27.

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