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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 1999

Finance & Insurance

Brockett, Patrick L., Gene C. Lai and Robert C. Witt. "Underwriting and Ambiguity: An Economic Analysis." Journal of Insurance Issues. 22(1):1-25. Spring 1999.

Chang, Rosita P. SEE also: Echane, Erlinda S.

Chang, Rosita P., Shuh-Tzy, Nai-Kuan Huang and S. Ghon Rhee. "Effects of Trading Methods on Volatility and Liquidity: Evidence From the Taiwan Stock Exchange." Journal of Business Finance & Accounting: JBFA. 26(1&2):137-139. January/March 1999.

Echane, Erlinda S., Shalshuddin Haikal, M. Mansor, Michael Isa, George W. Kester, Rosita P. Chang, T. Skully, Kai-Chung Tsui and Cji-Jing Wang. "Capital Budgeting Practices in the Asia-Pacific Region: Australasia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Singapore." Financial Practice & Education. 9(1):25-33. Spring/Summer 1999.

Faught, Jacqueline Garner. An Empirical Analysis of IPO Syndicates. Georgia State University. (Ph.D. – Dissertation) 1998. 123p.

Fung, Hung-Gay, Gene C. Lai, Gary A. Patterson and Robert C. Witt. "Underwriting Cycles in Property and Liability Insurance: An Empirical Analysis of Industry and By-Line Data." Journal of Risk and Insurance. 65(4):539-561. December 1998.

Lai, Gene C. SEE also: Brockett, Patrick L.; Fung, Hung-Gay.

Lai, Gene C., Editorial Board. Journal of Insurance Issues. Vol.22, 1999.

Moore, Keith M. Risk Arbitrage; An Investor’s Guide. John Wiley & Sons. (Wiley Foundations in Finance) 1999. 290p.

Rhee, S. Ghon. SEE also: Chang, Rosita P.

Rhee, S. Ghon, Editor. Pacific-Basin Finance Journal. Vol.7, 1999.

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