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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 1999

Food Science & Nutrition

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Sebelia, Linda. "It’s Time Again for Winter Squash (Low-Cal Cooking)." Providence Journal. October 6, 1999. p.H8.

Sebelia, Linda. "Just Think: Fatty Fish Is Food for the Brain (Low-Cal Cooking)." Providence Journal. September 22, 1999. p.G6.

Sebelia, Linda. "Low-Fat Baking Has Its Own Special Requirements (Low-Cal Cooking)." Providence Journal. April 28, 1999. p.G4.

Sebelia, Linda. "Measure Flour Carefully for Better Baking Results (Low-Cal Cooking)." Providence Journal. May 12, 1999. p.G2.

Sebelia, Linda. "Once-a-Month Cooking Can Cut Time and Costs (Low-Cal Cooking)." Providence Journal. March 31, 1999. p.G5.

Sebelia, Linda. "Pan Bagna Is a Light Lunch (Low-Cal Cooking)." Providence Journal. July 14, 1999. p.H2.

Sebelia, Linda. "Peas and Lentils Are a Real Dieter’s Delight (Low-Cal Cooking)." Providence Journal. November 10, 1999. p.H4.

Sebelia, Linda. "Pomegranates Not Just for Decorations (Low-Cal Cooking)." Providence Journal. December 22, 1999. p.G6.

Sebelia, Linda. "Pound Cake Won’t Break the Diet (Low-Cal Cooking)." Providence Journal. January 20, 1999. p.G2.

Sebelia, Linda. "Shedding Pounds Requires Long-Term Plan (Low-Cal Cooking)." Providence Journal. January 6, 1999. p.G5.

Sebelia, Linda. "Smashing Soup (Low-Cal Cooking)." Providence Journal. October 20, 1999. p.H2.

Sebelia, Linda. "Spring Rolls Fat Free – But Hardly Taste It (Low-Cal Cooking)." Providence Journal. September 29, 1999. p.G3.

Sebelia, Linda. "Sweet Potatoes Are Jammed With Lots of Good Stuff (Low-Cal Cooking)." Providence Journal. November 3, 1999. p.H5.

Sebelia, Linda. "Take Care Not to Overcook Grilled Shrimp (Low-Cal Cooking)." Providence Journal. August 4, 1999. p.G6.

Sebelia, Linda. "The Taste of Lasagna, Made in the Microwave (Low-Cal Cooking)." Providence Journal. January 13, 1999. p.F3.

Sebelia, Linda. "Time-Saving Tips Make Healthy Meals a Snap (Low-Cal Cooking)." Providence Journal. May 5, 1999. p.G6.

Sebelia, Linda. "Tiny Swedish Meatballs Round Out Mid-Season Feast (Low-Cal Cooking)." Providence Journal. December 15, 1999. p.H2.

Sebelia, Linda. "Tofu a Foil for Surrounding Flavors in Recipes (Low-Cal Cooking)." Providence Journal. June 16, 1999. p. H4.

Sebelia, Linda. "Try Enchilada as a Casserole (Low-Cal Cooking)." Providence Journal. August 11, 1999. p.G3.

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