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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 1999

Labor Research Center

Bodah, Matthew M. "Congressional Influence on Labor Policy: How Congress Has Influenced Outcomes Without Changing the Law." Labor Law Journal. 50(3):223-229. Fall 1999.

Bodah, Matthew M. "Rethinking the Rhode Island Trilogy: An Erosion of the Judiciary’s Support for Arbitration." Journal of Collective Negotiations in the Public Sector. 28(1):53-67. 1999.

Bodah, Matthew, Data Analist. United Latino Workers Committee (R.I.) Temporary Worker Survey: A Survey of Findings. The Committee. 1998. 9p.

Bodah, Matthew M. "Urban Mass Transit."  IN: J. Bonner, ed. Labor Management Relations in the Public Sector: Redefining Collective Bargaining. IRP Publications. 1999.  p.480-504.

Molloy, Scott. "Critique of Famine Memorial Is Off Base (Letter)." Providence Journal. April 8, 1999. p.B7.

Molloy, Scott. "Labor 2000 Can Learn From Laborers of 1899." Providence Journal-Bulletin. September 6, 1999. p.B7.

Molloy, Scott. "Rhode Island Rubber Baron of the Old Sod." Providence Journal. March 17, 1999. p.B6.

Taylor, Suzanne S. Coming of Age in Academia: A Study of Retired Faculty in the United Kingdom and the United States. TIAA-CREF. (Research Dialogues No.62) 1999. 12p.

Taylor, Suzanne L. "Executive Director’s Column." AAUP News. XXVI(1):2-3. September 1999.

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