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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 1999

Ocean Engineering

Anderson, Eric, Anatoly Odulo and Malcolm Spaulding. Modeling of Leeway Drift. U. S. Coast Guard Research & Development Center. (CG-D-06-99) 1998. 1 Vol. (Various Pagings)

Bryant, William R., Daniel Bean, Jia Yuh Liu, Wayne Dunlap and Armand Silva. "Geotechnical Stratigraphy of Sediments of the Northwest Gulf of Mexico Continental Stop."  IN: Proceedings of the Annual Offshore Technology Conference. 2000.  p.549-558.

Grilli, Stephan T. SEE also: Guignard, S.; Tappin, D. R.

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Grilli, S. T., Editorial Board. Journal of Waterway, Port, Coastal, and Ocean Engineering. Vol.125, 1999.

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Hu, Sau Lon James. SEE: Hu, H.

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Miller, James H. SEE also: Laliberte, John E.

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Silva, Armand J.,  SEE also: Bryant, William R.

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Spaulding, Malcolm L. SEE also: Anderson, Eric.

Spaulding, M. L. "Drift Currents Under the Action of Wind and Waves." IN: Proceedings of the Conference on Wind Over Wave Couplings: Perspectives and Prospects. Calderon Press. 1998. p.243-256.

Spaulding, M. L., Principal Author. Spills of Non-Floating Oils: Risks and Response, Report by Committee on Marine Transportation of Heavy Oils, Marine Board, Commission on Engineering and Technical Systems. National Research Council, National Academy Press. 1999.

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Tyce, R., F. de Stroebel, V. Grandi and L. Gualdesi. "Shallow Water Expendable and Trawler Safe Environmental Profilers." Oceans '99 MITS/IEEE Proceedings. 1999.  3:1229-1233.

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