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Faculty Publications
Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 1999

Sociology & Anthropology

Anthropological Research Process and Application, Edited by John J. Poggie, Billie R. DeWalt and William W. Dressler. NetLibrary. (SUNY Series in Advances in Applied Anthropology) 1999. 334p. (Originally Published by SUNY. 1992)

Carroll, Leo. "Book Review: Resolution of Prison Riots: Strategies and Policies. By Bert Uselm, Camille Graham Camp and George M. Camp." Social Forces. 78(1):390-392. September 1999.

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Cunnigen, Donald. "Bringing the Revolution Down Home: the Republic of New Africa in Mississippi." Sociological Spectrum. 19(1):63-92. 1999.

Cunnigen, Donald. "Looking Back to the Future: DuBois, Civil Rights and the Color Line in the 21st Century." Association of Social and Behavioral Scientists Newsletter. January 1999.  p.4-5.

Danesh, Hassan. Corridor of Hope. University Press of America. 1999. 164p.

Dyer, Christopher, John J. Poggie and Madeleine Hall-Arbor. Baseline Analysis of the Natural Resources of the Natural Resource Subregions and Fishery Dependent Communities of the New England Fisheries Management Zone. Marine Fisheries Initiative (MARFIN) Report of Human Ecology Associates and MIT Sea Grant. 1999.

Gelles, Richard J. SEE also: Mohr, Wanda.

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Gersuny, Carl. "State Government’s Bizarre Priorities (Letter)." Providence Journal. March 10, 1999. p.B7.

Gersuny, Carl. "Those Slabs at the URI Library (Letter)." Providence Journal. November 4, 1999. p.B7.

Gersuny, Carl. "Young Luther in Debt." Rhode Island History. 56:52-60. May 1998.

Henneberg, Maciej and Marquisa LaVelle. "Varying Effects of Socio-Economic Categories on the Growth of Urban and Rural South African ‘Cape Coloured’ Boys." Perspectives in Human Biology. 4(2):41-49. 1999.

LaVelle, Marquisa. SEE also: Henneberg, Maciej.

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Poggie, John J. SEE also: Anthropological Research….; Dyer, Christopher.

Poggie, John J. "Intercultural and Intersocial Variability as a Tool for Policy Making in Fisheries Development and Management." IN: Anthropological Research Process and Application, Edited by John J. Poggie, Billie R. DeWalt and William W. Dressler. NetLibrary. (SUNY Series in Advances in Applied Anthropology) 1999. 334p. (Originally Published by SUNY. 1992)

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