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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2000


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[Carothers, Robert L.] Convocation (Poem). Christmas Card; Also Published in  South County Independent, December 21, 2000.

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Dougan, Thomas R.  SEE also: Disch, William B.

Dougan, Tom. "Eastward Look Reception Help Appreciated (Letter)." South County Independent. October 26, 2000.   p.A13.

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Sundlun, Bruce. "The Cornel Young Probe Was Done Well." Providence Sunday Journal. December 17, 2000.   p.E16.

Sundlun, Bruce. "Green Runway Must Be Extended." Providence Sunday Journal. July 9, 2000.  p.B7.

Sundlun, Bruce. "How Immigrants Rose in R.I.; Our Ethnic Heritage." Providence Sunday Journal. March 12, 2000.   p.C7.

Sundlun, Bruce. "Kudos to R.I. for Its Health-Care Pact." Providence Sunday Journal. November 19, 2000.   p.E11.

Sundlun, Bruce. "Latest Temple Version Doesn't Work; The Masonic Temple Crisis." Providence Journal. June 7, 2000.  p.B6.

Sundlun, Bruce. "Masonic Temple Hotel Shot Down Again." Providence Sunday Journal. April 9, 2000.  p.B8.

Sundlun, Bruce. "Proving We're the Ocean State." Providence Journal. August 11, 2000.  p.D7.

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Sundlun, Bruce. "A Way to Save Newborns." Providence Journal. June 11, 2000.  p.E11.

Sundlun, Bruce. "With a Little Luck and a Big Suitcase; Flight From Nazism." Providence Sunday Journal. May 14, 2000.  p.B6.

Sundlun, Bruce. "Witnesses Need Better Protection." Providence Sunday Journal. September 10, 2000.   p.E11.

Trubatch, Janett. "Research Rewards: Innovation at URI." Maritimes. 42(4):1-2. Winter 2000.

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