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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2000

Applied Pharmaceutical Sciences


Akhlaghi, F., A. K. Trull, L. A. Steel, L. D. Sharples, J. Parameshwar, N. Cary, J. Wallwork and S. Large. "Randomized Trial of Blood Eosinophil Count Monitoring as a Guide to Corticosteroid Dosage Adjustment After Heart Transplantation." Transplantation. 5:802-809. 2000.

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Andrade, Susan E. SEE also: Chan, K. Arnold; Harrold, Leslie R.; Smalley, Walter; Ward, A..

Andrade, Susan E., Jerry H. Gurwitz, Jackie Cernieux and Leslie S. Fish.  "Evaluation of a Formulary Switch From Conjugated to Esterified Estrogen in a Managed Care Setting." Medical Care. 38(4):970-975. September 2000.

Brouker, Mark E., Kevin Gallagher, E. Paul Larrat and Robert L. Dufresne. "Patient Compliance and Blood Pressure Control on a Nuclear-Powered Aircraft Carrier: Impact of a Pharmacy Officer." Military Medicine. 165(2):106-110. February 2000.

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Dudley, Michael N.  SEE also: Glinka, T. W.; Jackson, Kimberly A.

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Harrold, Leslie R., Robert A. Yood, Susan E. Andrade, John I. Reed, Jackie Cernieux, Walter Straus, Mary Weeks, Barbara Lewis and Jerry H. Gurwitz. "Evaluating the Predictive Value of Osteoarthritic Diagnosis in an Administrative Database." Arthritis and Rheumatism. 43(8):1881-1885. August 2000.

Jackson, Kimberly A., Sara E. Rosenbaum, Bradley M. Kerr, Yasdi K. Pithavala, Geoffrey Yuen and Michael N. Dudley. "A Population Pharmacokinetic Analysis of Nelfinavir Mesylate in Human Immunodeficiency Virus-Infected Patients Enrolled in a Phase III Clinical Trial." Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy. 44(7):1832-1837. July 2000.

Jain, Rajev. A., Christopher T. Rhodes, Aruna M. Railkar, A. Waseem Malick and Navnit H. Shah. "Comparison of Various Injectible Protein-Leaded Biodegradable Poly(Factide-co-glycolide)(PLGA) Devices: In-Situ-Formed Implant Versus In-Situ-Formed Nicrospheres Versus Isolated Microspheres." Pharmaceutical Development and Technology. 5(2):201-207. 2000.

Jain, Rajev A., Christopher T. Rhodes, Aruna M. Railkar, A. Waseem Malick and Navnit H. Shah. "Controlled Delivery of Drugs From a Novel Injectible In Situ Formed Biodegradable PLGA Microsphere System." Journal of Microencapsulation. 17(3):343-362. May-June 2000.

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Kislalioglu, M. Serpil.  SEE: Mehta, Ketan A.

Kommanboyina, B., R. F. Lindauer, C. T. Rhodes and L. T. Grady. "Some Studies of the Stability of Compounded Cefazolin Opthalminc Solution." International Journal of Pharmaceutical Compounds. 4(2):146-149. 2000.

Larrat, E. Paul.  SEE: Brouker, Mark E.; Momin, S. R.

Lipson, David P.  SEE: Momin, Soyal R.

Malick, A. Waseem.  SEE: Jain, Rajev; Mehta, Ketan.

Mehta, Ketan A., M. Serpil Kislalioglu, Wantanee Phuapradit, A. Waseem Malick and Navnit H. Shah. "Effect of Formulation and Process Variables on Porosity Parameters and Release Rates From a Multi Unit Erosion Matrix of a Poorly Soluble Drug." Journal of Controlled Release. 63(1):201-211. January 2000.

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Needham, Thomas E.  SEE: Quadir, Mohammad; Squillante, Emilio; Vatsaraj, N. B.; Zia, Hossein.

Quadir, Mohammad, Hossein Zia and Thomas E. Needham. "Development and Evaluation of Nasal Formulations of Keterolac." Drug Delivery. 7(4):223-229. October-December 2000.

Rhodes, Christopher T.  SEE also: Allen, J.; Jain, Rajev; Kommanboyina, B.; Samy, E. N.

Rhodes, Christopher T., Editor. Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy. Vol.26, 2000.

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Rosenbaum, Sara E.  SEE also: Girgis, S.; Jackson, Kimberly A.

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Shah, Navnit H.  SEE: Jain, R. A.

Smalley, Walter, Deborah Shatin, Diane K. Wysowski, Jerry Gurwitz, Susan E. Andrade, Michael Goodman, K. Arnold Chan, Richard Platt, Stephanie D. Scheech and Wayne A. Ray. "Contraindicated Use of Cisapride; Impact of Food and Drug Administration Regulatory Action." JAMA. 284(23):36-39. December 20, 2000.

Squillante, Emilio, Anita Nanda, Thomas E. Needham and Hossein Zia. Transdermal Delivery of Calcium Channel Blockers, Such as Nifedipine. U.S. US 6,106,856 (Cl.424-448; A61F13102), 22 Aug 2000, US Appl. 205,430, 1 Mar 94.  10p.

Vatsaraj, N. B.,  H. Zia and T. Needham. "Formulation and Optimization of a Sustained Release Tablet of Ketorolac Tromethamine."  Proceedings of the International Symposium on Controlled Release of Bioactive Materials. 27:1285. 2000.  p.1284-1285.

Ward, A., C. Willey and S. Andrade. "Medications Prescribed to Asthmatic Children: An Historical Cohort Study Comparing Clinical Practice With NIH Recommendations." Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety. 9(6):511-520. 2000.

Willey, Cynthia.  SEE also: Ward, A.

Willey, Cynthia, Colleen Redding, Julie Stafford, Frances Garfield, Sandra Geletko, Timothy Flanigan, Kathleen Melbourne, Jennifer Mitty and J. Jaime Caro. "Stages of Change for Adherence With Medication Regimens for Chronic Disease: Development and Validation of a Measure." Clinical Therapeutics. 22(7):858-871. July 2000.

Zia, Hossein.  SEE also: Quadir, Mohammad; Squillante, Emilio; Vatsaraj, N. B.

Zia, Hossein, Thomas E. Needham and Muhammad Quadir. Pharmaceutical Compositions for Intranasal Spray Administration of Ketorolac Tromethamine. U.S. US 6,090,368 (Cl.424-425; A61L9/14), 18 July 2000, Appl. 33, 994, 3 Mar. 1998.  9p.

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