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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2000

Biochemistry, Microbiology & Molecular Genetics

Alban, P. Scott, Paul W. Johnson and David R. Nelson. "Serum-Starvation-Induced Changes in Protein Synthesis and Morphology of Borrelia burgdorferi." Microbiology. 146(1):119-127. January 2000.

Allen, James H., Maryjane Utley, Hans van der Bosch, Piet Nuijten, Maarten Witvliet, Beth A. McCormick, Karen A. Krogfelt, Tine Rask Licht, Derek Brown, Michael Mauel, Mary P. Leatham, David C. Laux and Paul S. Cohen. "A Funtional cra Gene Is Required for Salmonella enterica Serovar Typhimurium Virulence in BALB/c Mice." Infection and Immunity. 68(6):3772-3775. June 2000.

Burkhardt, William, III, Kevin R. Calci, William D. Watkins, Scott R. Rippey and Stuart J. Chirtel. "Inactivation of Indicator Microorganisms in Estuarine Waters." Water Research. 34(8):2207-2214. June 2000.

Cohen, Paul S.  SEE: Allen, James H.; Krogfelt, Karen A.

Ding, Jianmei and Paul Vouros. "Capillary Elctrochromotography-Mass Spectrometry for the Separation and Identification of Isomeric Polyaromatic Hydrocarbon DNA Adducts Derived From In Vitro Reactions." Journal of Chromatography A. 887(1/2):103-114. July 28, 2000.

Harsch, Andreas,  Lisa A. Marzilli, Richard C. Bunt, Joanne Stubbe and P. Vouros. "Accurate and Rapid Modeling of Iron-Bleomycin-Indiced DNA Damage Using Tethered Duplex Oligonucleotides and Electrospray Ionization Ion Trap Mass Spectrometry Analysis." Nucelic Acids Research. 28(9):1978-1985. May 2000.

Harsch, Andreas, Jane M. Sayer, Donald M. Jerina and Paul Vouros. "HPLP-MS/MS Identification of Positionally Isomeric Benzi[c]phenanthrene Diol Epoxide Adducts in Duplex DNA." Chemical Research in Toxicology. 13(12):1342-1348. December 2000.

Hauser-Fang, Annette and Paul Vouros. "The Use of Mass Specroscopy."  IN: Anal Tech Comb Chem, Edited by Michael E. Schwartz. Marcel Dekker. 2000.  p.29-46.

Herrera Estrella, L., G. Van den Broeck, M. Van Montague, P. Schreier, J. Schell, H. J. Bohnert, A., Cashmore, M. Timko, and A. P. Kausch. Chimaeric Gene Coding for a Transit Peptide and a Heterologous Polypeptide. U. S. Patent Office. 6,063,601. May 16, 2000.

Horner, Harry T., Albert P. Kausch and Bruce L. Wagner. "Ascorbin Acid: A Precurser of Oxalate in Crystal Idioblasts of Yucca torreyi in Liquid Root Culture." International Journal of Plant Sciences. 161(6):861-868. 2000.

Hu, Bi-Huang and Lenore M. Martin. "Design, Synthesis, and Antiobacterial Activity of a Pepidomitric Library."   IN: Peptides. New Milennium; Proceedings of the 16th American Peptide Symposium. 2000.  p746-747.

Hufnagel, Linda.  SEE: Lee, C. M.; Lian, P. Z.; Zachroff, R. V.

Kaplan, Gary B.  SEE also: Rohsenow, D. J.

Kaplan, Gary B., David J. Greenblatt, Bruce L. Ehrenberg et al. "5 Differences in Pharmacodynamics But Not Pharmacokinetics Between Subjects With Panic Disorder and Healthy Subjects After Treatment With a Single Dose of Alprozolam." Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology. 20(3):338-346. 2000.

Kausch, Albert P.  SEE: Herrera Estrella. L.; Horner, Harry T.; Knapp, J.; Lowe, Brenda.

Knapp, J. E., A. P. Kausch and J. M. Chandlee. "Transformation of Three Genera of Orchid Using the Bar Gene as a Selectable Marker." Plant Cell Reports. 19(9):893-898. September 2000.

Krogfelt, Karen A., Marianne Hjulgaard, Kristine Sorensen, Paul S. Cohen and Michael Givskorv. "rpos Gene Function Is a Disadvantage for Escherichia Coli BJ4 During Competitive Colonization of the Mouse Large Intestines." Infection and Immunity. 68(5):2518-2524. March 2000.

Krogfelt, Karen A., Maryanne Utley, Howard C. Krivan, David C. Laux and Paul S. Cohen. "Specific Phospholipids Enhance the Activity of Beta-Lactam Antibiotics Against Pseudomonas aeruginosa." Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy. 46(3):377-384. September 2000.

Laux, David C.  SEE: Allen, James H.; Krogfelt, Karen A.

Lee, C. M. and L. Hufnagel. "Physiochemical Properties of Frozen Red Hake (Urophycis chuss) Mince as Affected by Cryoprotective Ingredients." Journal of Food Science. 65(7):117-1`23. 2000.

Lian, P. Z., C. M. Lee and L. Hufnagel. "Physiochemical Properties of Frozen Red Hake (Urophycis chuss) Mince as Affected by Protective Ingredients." Journal of Food Science. 65(7):1117-1123. October 2000.

Lowe, Brenda, Michael Spencer and Albert P. Kausch. Method for Reduction of Transgene Copy Number. U. S. Patent Office. 6,153,811. November 28, 2000.

Martin, Lenoie M.  SEE also: Hu, Bi-Huang.

Martin, Lenore M., Bradley Messmer and David Draler. "Synthetic Peptide Analogs Compared With Phage Display."  IN: Peptides. New Milennium; Proceedings of the 16th American Peptide Symposium. 2000.   p.172-173.

Nelson, David R.  SEE also: Alban, P. Scott.

Nelson, David R., Sean Rooney, Nathan J. Miller and Thomas N. Mather. "Complement-Medicated Killing of Borrelia burgdorferi by Nonimmune Sera From a Sika Deer." Journal of Parasitology. 86(6):1237-1238. December 2000.

Pan, Feng, Jacques M. Zarate, George C. Tremblay and T. M. Bradley. "Cloning and Characterization of Salmon hsp90 cDNA Upregulation by Thermal and Hypersonic Stress." Journal of Experimental Zoology. 287(3):199-212. August 2000.

Polonio, Roy E., Richard E. Wolke, Sharon A. McLean and Jay F. Sperry. "An In Vitro Assay to Measure Phagocytosis in Striped Bass Hybrids (Morone saxabilis x Morone chrysops)." Fish & Shellfish Immunity. 10(5):405-418. July 2000.

Posner, Gerry H., Kenneth Crawford, Mal-ling Siu-Caldera, G. Satyanarayana Reddy, Stephen F. Sarabia, David Feldon, Evelyn van Etten, Chantal Mathieu, Lynn Gennaro, Paul Vouros, Sara Peleg, P. M. Dolan and Thomas W. Kensler. "Conceptually New 20-epi-22-Oxa Sulfane Analogues of the Hormone 1 alpha, 25-dihydroxyvitamin D(3): Synthesis and Biological Evaluation." Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. 43(19):3581-3586. September 2000.

RazmiAfshari, M. and N. H. Zawia. "Utilization of a Synthetic Peptide as a Tool to Study the Interaction of Heavy Metals With the Zinc Finger Domain of Proteins Critical for Gene Expression i n the Developing Brain." Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology. 166:1-122. 2000.

Reddy, G., D. Rao, Mei-Ling Siu-Caldera, Norbert Astecker, Andrew Weiskopf, Paul Vouros, Gino Sasso, Percy Manchand and Milan Uskovic. "1 Alpha, 25-Dinydroxy-16-yne-Vitamin D2, and (Pihydroxy-16-ene-23nye-epi-Vitamin D2 1 Alpha, 25-analogs of 1 Alpha-25-Dihydroxyvitamin D3 That Resist Metabolism Through the C-24 Oxidation Pathway Are Metabolized Through the C-3 Epimerization Pathway." Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics. 383(2):197-205. November 2000.

Rippey, Scott R.  SEE: Burkhardt, William, III.

Rohsenow, D. J., P. Monti, K. E. Hutchison, R. M. Smith, S. R. Colby and G. B. Kaplan. "Naltrexone's Effect on Reactivity to Alcohol Cues Among Alcoholic Men." Journal of Abnormal Psychology. 109(4):738-742. November 2000.

Sperry, Jay F.  SEE: Polonio, Roy E., Wu, Q.

Sun, Gongqin.  SEE: Wang, Wei.

Tremblay, George C.  SEE: Pan, Feng.

Vouros, Paul.  SEE: Ding, Jianmei; Harsch, Andreas; Hauser-Fang, Annette; Posner, Gerry H.; Reddy, G.

Wang, Wei, Latha Ramdas, Gongqin Sun, Shi Ke, Nihal U. Obeyesekere, Raymond J. A. Budde and John S. Murray. "Cyclic Peptides Incorporating 4-Carboxyptenylalanine and Phosphotyrosine Are Potent Inhibitors of pp60c-src." Biochemistry. 39(17):5221-5228. May 2, 2000.

Watkins, William D.  SEE: Burkhardt, WIlliam, III.

Wu, Q., W. H. Nelson, S. Eliot, J. F. Sperry, R. DaSari and R. Monoharan. "Intensities of E. coli Nucleic Acid Ramas Excited Selectivity From Whole Cells With 251-nm Light." Analytical Chemistry. 72(13):2981-2986. July 2000.

Zachroff, R. V. and L. A. Hufnagel. "Introduction of Antiactin Drug Resistence by Latranculin and Effects of Antiactin and Antimyosin Drugs on Tetrahymena Phagocytosis (Abstract)." Molecular Biology of the Cell. 11(S):2904. 2000.

Zawia, Nasser H.  SEE: RazmiAfshari, M.

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