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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2000

Communicative Disorders

Karow, Colleen M.  SEE: Marshall, Robert C.

Kovarsky, Dana.  SEE also: Snelling, L.

Kovarsky, D., J. Singer, L. Beatty, T. Iacono and A. Franklin. "Evaluative Reactions to Service Delivery: "Oracular Reasoning" in Clinical Contexts." New Perspectives in Communicative Science and Disorders. 27:153-163. 2000.

Marshall, Robert C., North American Editor. Aphasiology. Vol.14, 2000.

Marshall, Robert C. "Documentation in Medical Speech-Language Pathology: Clinician-Friendly Suggestions to Keep the Tail From Wagging the Dog." Journal of Medical Speech-Language Pathology. 8(1):37-52. March 2000.

Marshall, R. C., C. M. Karow, D. B. Freed and P. Babcock. "Learning of Subordinate Category Names by Aphasic Subjects: Phonological Versus Personalized Cueing." Brain and Language. 74(3):438-441. October 2000.

Snelling, L., E. Meyer and D. Kovarsky. "The Potential Effects of Unrecognized Emotions on Objective Medical Decision-Making (Abstract)." Pediatric Research. 47(4/2):98A. 2000.

Timler, Geralyn Rose. Investigation of Social Communication Skills During Peer Conflict Tasks in School-Age Children With Alcohol-Related Disabilities. University of Washington. (Ph.D.) 2000.  90p.

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