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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2000


Atash, Farhad. "New Towns and Future Urbanization in Iran." Third World Planning Review. 22(1):67-87. 2000. 

Atash, Farhad. "The Revival of America's Downtown: The Role of Urban Design in Transforming Downtown Providence, Rhode Island."  IN: Model Cities, Edited by Ooi Giok-Ling. Institute of Urban Studies, Singapore. 2000.

Feldman, Marshall.  SEE: Keller, James.

Keller, James, Marsha Aronson, Rosi Vidauer Smith, George F. Fitzelle, Marshall Feldman, Taylor Ellis, Catherine Seigel, Jules Seigel, Heather Signorelli, Bina Hansen, Clare Santori-Stein, Joanne Friday, Philip Aronson, Bill Catone, Iris Faulk Donnelley, Ron Peppler, Martin Lepkowski, Bob Williams and Arthur Stein." Act Now to Close School of the Americas (Letter)." Narragansett Times. April 14, 2000.  p.9-A.

Motte, M. T. and L. A. Weil. "Of Railroads and Regime Shifts: Downtown Renewal in Providence, Rhode Island." Cities. 17(1):17-18. 2000.

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