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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2000

Computer Science & Statistics

DiPippo, Lisa Cingiser.  SEE also: Fay-Wolfe, Victor.

DiPippo, Lisa Cingiser, Ethan Hodys and Bhavani Thuraisingham. "Towards a Real-Time Agent Architecture: A White Paper."   IN: Proceedings of the 5th international  Workshop on Object-Oriented Real-Time Dependable Systems (WORDS). 2000. p.59-64.

DiPippo, Lisa Cingiser and Lynn Ma. "A UML Package for Specifying Real-Time Objects." Computer Standards & Interfaces. 22(5):307-321. December 2000.

Epstein, Matthew D., Sheryl A. Chicoine and R. Choudary Hanumara. "Detection of Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome Using a Nasal Cannuila/Pressure Transducer."  Chest. 117(4):1073-1077. April  2000.

Fay-Wolfe, Victor.  See also: Wolfe, Victor Fay.

Fay-Wolfe, Victor, Lisa C. DiPippo, Gregory Cooper, Russell Johnston, Peter Kortmann and Bharavi Thuraisingham. "Real-Time CORBA." IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems. 11(10):1073-1089. October 2000.

Freedman, R., J. Maurer and V. Wolfe. "Benchmarking Real-Time Distributed Object Management Systems for Evolvable and Adaptible Command and Control Applications."  IN: Proceedings of the 3rd IEEE International Symposium on Object-Oriented Real-Time Distributed Computing. 2000.   p.201.

Hanumara, R. Choudary.  SEE: Epstein, Matthew D.

Heltshe, James.  SEE: Thursby, G. B.

Herve, Jean-Yves.  SEE also: Lathuiliere, F.

Herve, J.-Y., C. Duchesne and V. Pradines. "Dynamic Registration for Augmented Reality in Telerobotics Applications."   IN: 2000 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics. Cybernetics Evolving to Systems, Humans, Organizations and Their Complex Interactions. 2000. II:1348-1353.

Jepson, Brian, Joan Peckham and Ram Sadasiv. Database Application Programming With Linux. Wiley. 2000.  516p.

Kowalski, James G.  SEE: Uht, Augustus K.

Lathuiliere, F and J.-Y. Herve. :Visual Tracking of Hand Posture With Occlusion Handling."  IN: Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Pattern Recognition. 2000.  III:1129-1133.

Peckham, Joan.  SEE also: Jepson, Brian.

Peckham, Joan, Associate Editor. Journal of Databse Management. Vol.11, 2000.

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Wolfe, Victor Fay.  SEE: Freedman, R.; Fay-Wolfe, Victor.

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