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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2000

Civil & Environmental

Alkhatib, Eid and Keith Castor. "Parameters Influencing Sediments Resuspension and the Link to Sorption of Inorganic Compounds." Environmental Monitoring and Assessment. 66(3):531-546. December 2000.

Hunter, Christopher Dickerson, K. Wayne Lee and Daniel Abedon. Development of ITS-Based Investigation for the Rhode Island TRAC Program. New England University Transportation Center. (URI E11-3) 2000.  20p.

Karamanlidis, Dimitrios, Editorial Board. Journal of Engineering Mechanics. Vol.126, 2000.

Lee, K. Wayne.  SEE also: Hunter, Christopher Dickerson.

Lee, K. Wayne, Yong Cao, Richard Brown and Ruiguang Guo. "Electrochemical Evaluation of Corrosion Inhibitors for Repairing of Highway Transportation." Proceedings of the SPIE. 3995:467-478. 2000.

Lee, K. Wayne, Stephen A. Cardi and Sean Corrigan. Implementation and Evaluation of Traffic Marketing Recesses for Application of Thermoplastic Pavement Markings on Modified Open Graded Friction Course. New England Transportation Consortium. (NETC 23; Project No.95-3) July 2000.  183p.

Moultrop, Kendall. "A Look Back at the College of Engineering - Part IX: 1929 Challenge and WWII at the College of Engineering." University of Rhode Island Engineering Newsletter. 6(2):5. Spring 2000.

Seelenbinder, John, Chris W. Brown and Daniel W. Urish. "Self-Absorbed Monolayers of Thiophenol on Gold as a Novel Substrate for Surface-Enhanced Infrared Absorption." Applied Spectroscopy. 54(3):366-370. March 2000.

Urish, Daniel W.  SEE also: Seelenbinder, John A.

Urish, Daniel W. "Preliminary Hydrographic Surveys of Some Ponds in the Pelican Cays, Belize." Atoll Research Bulletin. 469:60-85. March 2000.

Veyera, George E. and Justin S. Monaghan. Final Report to the Rhode Island Department of Transportation: Alternative Low Cost Earth Retention Systems. Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of Rhode Island. (URI-CVEG-99-01) 1999.  1 Vol., Various Pagings.

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