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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2000

Fisheries, Animal & Veterinary Science

Appleyard, C. C. and J. T. DeAlteris. "Maximizing  Efficiency of Hard Clam, Mercenanria mercenaria, Culture in an Experimental-Scale Upweller." Journal of Shellfish Research. 19(1):567. June 2000.

Bengtson, David A.  SEE also: King, Nicholas J.;  Wolke, Richard E.

Bengston, D. A., T. L. Simlick, E. W. Binett, R. R. Lovett IV, D. Alves, A. M. Schreiber and J. L. Specker. "Survival of Summer Flounder (Parachthys dentatus) Larvae on Formulated Diets and Failure of Thyroid Hormone Treatment to Improve Performance." Aquaculture Nutrition. 6:193-198. September 2000.

Berlinsky, David, Mark Watson, George Nardi and Terence M. Bradley. "Investigations of Selected Parameters for Growth of Larval and Juvenile Black Sea Bass Centopistis striata L." Journal of the World Aquacultural Society. 31(3):426-435. September 2000.

Bodammer, Joel E. "Some New Observations on the Cytopathology of Fin Erosion in Winter Flounder Pseudopleuronecte americanus." Diseases of Aquatic Organisms. 40(1):51-65. February 2000.

Bradley, Terence M.  SEE: Berlinsky, David; Buckley, Lawrence J.; Pan, Fang.

Buckley, Lawrence J., Terence M. Bradley and Jennifer Allen-Guilmette. "Production, Quality, and Low Temperature Incubation of Eggs of Atlantic Cod Gadus morhua and Haddock Melanogrammus aeglefinus in Captivity." Journal of the World Aquaculture Society. 31(1):22-29. March 2000.

Campbell, James F. and Richard C. Rhodes III. "The 'Got Beer?' Stunt by PETA: Unethical; The Animals Are Blushing." Providence Journal. March 20, 2000.  p.B5.

Coles, William C. and John A. Musick. "Satellite Sea Surface Temperature Analysis and Correlation With Sea Turtle Distribution Off North Carolina." Copeia. No.2(2000):551-554.

DeAlteris, Joseph T.  SEE also: Appleyard, C. C.

DeAlteris, Joseph T., Laura G. Skrobe and Kathleen M. Castro. "Effects of Mobile Bottom Fishing Gear on Biodiversity and Habitat in Offshore New England Waters." Northeastern Naturalist. 7(4):379-394. December 15, 2000.

DeAlteris, J. (Nine Chapters on Quantitative Methods in Fish Stock Assessment With EXCEL Exercises.)  IN: Brust and Skrobe, Editors. Stock Assessment Users Manual. Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission. 2000.

Gomez-Chiarri, Maria.  SEE: Leonard, K., III.

Keller, Aimee A. and Grace Klein-MacPhee. "Impact of Elevated Temperature on the Growth, Survival, and Trophic Dynamics of Winter Flounder Larvae: A Mesocosm Study." Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences. 57(12):2382. December 2000.

King, Nicholas J., W. Huntting Howell, Marina Huber and David A. Bengston. "Effects of Larval Stocking Density on Laboratory-Scale and Commercial-Scale Production of Summer Flounder Paralichthys dentatus." Journal of the World Aquacultural Society. 31(3):436-445. 2000.

Klein-MacPhee, Grace.  SEE also: Keller, AImee A.

Klein-MacPhee, Grace. "Ichthyoplankton Surveys-- The Rodney Dangerfield of Fishery Science." Maritimes. 42(4):10-13. Winter 2000.

Leonard, K., III, J. Dougal and M. Gomez-Chiarri. "Detecting the Presence of Perkinsus marinus and Haplosporidium mesori in the Oyster, Crassostrea virginica, in Rhode Island Waters: A Survey Update." Journal of Shellfish Research. 19(1):575. June 2000.

Meyer, Carl E., Kim N. Holland, Bradley M. Wetherbee and Christopher G. Lowe. "Movement Patterns, Habitat Utilization, Home Range Size and Side Fidelity of Whitesaddle Goatfish, Parupeneus porphyreus, in a Marine Reserve." Environmental Biology of Fishes. 59(3):235-242. 2000.

Mugg, Jennifer, Augusto Serrano, Angelo Liberti and Michael A. Rice. Aquaculture Effluents: A Guide for Water Quality Regulators and Aquaculturists. Northeastern Regional Aquaculture Center. (NRAC Publication 00-003) 2000.  12p.

Musick, John A.  SEE: Coles, William C.; Yano, Kazunari.

Pan, Feng, Jacques M. Zarate, George C. Trembley and T. M. Bradley. "Cloning and Characterization of Salmon hsp90 cDNA: Upregulation by Thermal and Hypersomotic Stress." Journal of Experimental Zoology. 287(3):199-212. August 2000.

Petersson, Katherine H.  SEE: Stonestreet, Barbara S.

Polonio, Roy E., Richard E. Wolke, Shawn A. MacLean and Jay F. Sperry. "An In Vitro Assay to Measure Phagocytosis in Striped Bass Hybrids (Morone saxabilis x Morone chrysops)." Fish & Shellfish Immunology. 10(5):405-418. July 2000.

Rhodes, Richard C., III.  SEE: Campbell, James F.

Rice, Michael A.  SEE also: Mugg, Jennifer; Tammi, Karin A; Wolke, Richard E.

Rice, Michael A., April Valliere, Mark Gibson and Arthur Ganz. "Ecological Significance of the Providence River Quahogs: Population Filtration (Abstract)." Journal of Shellfish Research. 19:580. February 2000.

Rice, Michael A. "Give Land Grant Programs a Boost." Providence Journal. June 5, 2000.  p.B5.

Rice, Michael A. "A Review of Shellfish Restoration as a Tool for Coastal Water Quality Management." Environment Cape Cod. 3(2): 1-8. December 2000.

Rice, Michael A., April Valliere and Andela Caporelli. "A Review of Shellfish Restoration and Management Projects in Rhode Island." Journal of Shellfish Research. 19(1):401-408. June 2000.

Rice, Michael A. "Toward Better Self-Rule for Fisheries." Providence Journal.  November 16, 2000.   p.B6.

Stonestreet, B. S., A. J. McKnight, G. Sadowska, K. H. Petersson, J. M. Oen and C. S. Patlak. "Effects of Duration of Positive-Pressure Ventilation on Blood-Brain Barrier Function in Premature Lambs." Journal of Applied Physiology. 88(5):1672-1677. May 2000.

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Tammi, Karin A., Wayne H. Turner, Luning Sun and Michael A. Rice. "Establishment of Rhode Island's First Commercial Shellfish Hatchery (Abstract)." Journal of Shellfish Research. 19:583. February 2000.

Wetherbee, Bradley M.  SEE also: Meyer, Carl G.

Wetherbee, Bradley M. "Assemblage of Deep-Sea Sharks on Chatham Rise, New Zealand." Fishery Bulletin. 98(1):189-199. 2000.

Wetherbee, Bradley M. and Stephen M. Kajura. "Occurrence of a Rare Squaloid Shark, Trigonognathus Kaberal, From the Hawaiian Islands." Pacific Science. 54(4):389-394. 2000.

Whitworth, Ulysses, Editorial Advisory Group. Maritimes. Vol.42, 2000.

Wolke, Richard E.  SEE also: Polonio, Roy E.

Wolke, Richard E., David A. Bengtson, Michael A. Rice and Maureen Whittaker. Diseases of Cultured Flatfish: Diagnosis and Prevention. Northeastern Regional Aquaculture Center. (NRAC Publication 00-0001) 2000.  12p.

Yano, Kazunari and John A. Musick. "The Effect of the Mesoparasitic Barnacle Analesma on the Development of Reproductive Organs of Deep-Sea Squaloid Sharks, Centryscyllium and Etmopterus." Environmental Biollogy of Fishes. 59(3):329-339. 2000.

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