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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2000

Finance & Insurance

Adrangi, Bahram, Arjun Chatrath and Rohan Christie-David. "Price Discovery in Strategically-Linked Markets: The Case of the Gold-Silver Spread." Applied Financial Economics. 10(3):227-234. June 2000.

Beck, Charles, Lucy Hargraves, Neil Knudsen, Clyde "Jack" Gordon, Glen Matteson, Henry Oppenheimer, Kenneth Mott, Linda DiOrio and Susan Schaffer. "Viewpoint: Act Revisions/Facilities Plan Best Route." Chariho Times. June 8, 2000.  p.6-A.

Chatrath, Aruja, Mukesh Chaudry and Rohan Christie-David. "Price Dynamics and Information Flows in Strategically-Linked Debt Instruments: The NOB and MOB Constituents." Journal of Business Finance &  Accounting. 27(7/8):1003. September  2000.

Chaudhry, Mukesh K., Rohan Christie-David, Timothy W. Koch and Alan K. Reichert. "The Risk of Foreign Currency Contingent Claims at US Commercial Banks." Journal of Banking & Finance. 24(9):1399-1418. September 2000.

Christie-David, Rohan.  SEE also: Adrangi, Bahram; Chatrath, Aruja; Chaudry, Mukesh K.

Christie-David, Rohan and Mukesh Chaudhry. "January Anomalies: Implications for the Market's Incorporation of News." Financial Review. 35(2):79-96. May 2000.

Christie-David, Rohan, Mukesh Chaudhry and Timothy W. Koch. "Do Macroeconomics News Releases Affect Gold and Silver Prices?" Journal of Economics and Business. 52(5):405-422. September/October 2000.

Lai, Gene, Editorial Board. Journal of Insurance Issues. Vol.23, 2000.

Lee, Yul W. "A Sequential Signaling Model of Convertible Bond Debt Issue and Call Policies." Journal of Financial Research. 23(1):45-76. Spring 2000.

Oppenheimer, Henry.  SEE also: Beck, Charles.

Oppenheimer, Henry. "Viewpoint: Residents of Chariho District Should Vote in Favor of Revisions." Providence Journal. June 8, 2000.  p.D7.

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