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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2000

Physical Education & Exercise Science

Blanpied, Peter, Raymond Carroll, Tanya Douglas, Michael Lyons, Rex Macalisang and Lori Pires. "Effectiveness of Lateral Slide Exercise in an Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Rehabilitation Home Exercise Program." Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy. 30(10):602-608. October 2000. "Author Response." 30(10):610-611. October 2000.

Blanpied, Peter. "Invited Commentary: Inertial Effects on Movement Development During Isokinetic Concentric Knee Extension Testing." Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy. 30(6):324-326. June 2000.

Blissmer, Bryan J.  SEE also: McAuley, Edward.

Blissmer, Bryan Joseph. Integrating the Theory of Planned Behavior and the Transtheoretical Model: A Prospective Study of Lifestyle Activity. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. (Dissertation-Ph.D.) 2000.  206p.

Evans, William J., Maria Fiatrone Singh, Thomas G. Manfredi and Roger Fielding. "Interpretation of Muscle Damage From Fixed Tissue Obtained by Needle Bioopsy; Reply." American Journal of Physiology, Endocrinology and Metabolism. 278(4):E755-756. April 2000.

Fielding, Roger A., Mariana A. Violan, Lori Svetskey, L. W. Abad, Thomas G. Manfredi, Arthur Cosmos and Jonathan Bean. "Effect of Prior Exercise on Eccentric Exercise-Induced Neutrophilia and Enzyme Release." Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise. 32(2):359-364. February 2000.

Forman, D. E., B. Hunt, C. J. Santaro, L. Bairos, S. Levesque, R. Roubenoff, A. C. Cosmas and T. G. Manfredi. "Progressive Resistance Training Safely Improves Aerobic Metabolism, Clinical Function, and Underlying Mitochondrial Morphometry in Elderly Heat-Failure Patients (Abstract)." Circulation. 102(18):3280. 2000.

Gong, Biau, Sebrina Levesque, Thomas Manfredi and Ying Sun. "Computer Aided Analysis of Electron Microscope Image of Muscle Tissue."  IN: Bioengineering; Proceedings of the 26th Northeast Conference, April 8-9, 2000. IEEE. 2000.  p.75-76.

Keith, N., R. T. Bronson, R. D. Lipman, W. Ding, L. Lamont, A. C. Cosmas and T. G. Manfredi. "Diet Restriction and Age Alters Skeletal Muscle Capilarity in B6C3F1 Mice." Journal of the American Aging Association. 23(3):141-145. July 2000.

Lamont, Linda S.  SEE also: Keith, N.; Manfredi, Thomas G.

Lamont, Linda S., Tracy Brown and Marjorie Caldwell. "The Major Components of Human Energy Balance During Chronic Beta-Adrenergic Blockade." Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation. 20(4):247-250. July 2000.

Manfredi, Thomas G.  SEE also: Evans, William J.; Fielding, Roger A.; Forman, D. E.; Gong, Biao; Keith, N.; Urso, M. L.

Manfredi, T. G. and A. C. Cosmas. "Endothelial Transport in Fast and Slow Twitch Muscle (Abstract)." Molecular Biology of the Cell. 11(S):2624. 2000.

Manfredi, T. G., S. G. Dean, T. A. Elliott, L. S. Lamont, P. F. Hackney, R. M. Dean and A. C. Cosmas. "Influence of Dietary Fat Manipulation and Exercise on Muscle Lipids in Endurance Trained Athletes (Abstract)." FASEB Journal. 14(4):A527. 2000.

Marcus, Bess H., Claudio R. Nigg, Deborah Riebe and Leighann H. Forsyth. "Interactive Communication Strategies: Implications for a Population-Based Physical-Activity Promotion." American Journal of Preventive Medicine. 19(2):121-126. August 2000.

McAuley, Edward, Bryan Blissmer and Terry E. Duncan. "Exercise Environment, Self-Efficacy, and Affective Responses to Acute Exercise in Older Adults." Psychology & Health. 16(3):341-356. May 2000.

McAuley, E., B. Blissmer, J. Katula, T. E. Duncan and S. L. Mihalko. "Physical Activity, Self-Esteem, and Self-Efficacy Relationships in Older Adults: A Randomized Controlled Trial." Annals of Behavioral Medicine. 22(2):131-139. Spring 2000.

McAuley, E., B. Blissmer, J. Katula, T. E. Duncan and S. L. Mihalko. "Self-Efficacy Determinants and Consequences of Physical Activity." Exercise and Sport Science Review. 28(2):85-88. April 2000.

McAuley, Edward, Bryan Blissmer, David X. Marquez, Gerald J. Jerome, Arthur F. Kramer and Jeffry Katula. "Social Relations, Physical Activity, and Well-Being in Older Adults." Preventive Medicine. 31(5):608-617. November 2000.

Polidoro, J. Richard. Sport and Physical Activity in the Modern World. Allyn & Bacon. 2000.  218p.

Riebe, Deborah A.  SEE: Marcus, Bess H.

Roush, Susan. "Ethical and Legal Aspects of Physical Therapy (Column)." Newsletter of the RI Chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association. Vol.21, 2000.

Roush, Susan E. and Robert J. Sonstroem. "Patient/Client Satisfaction (Letter)." Physical Therapy. 81(4):1061-1062. April 2000.

Sonstroem, Robert J.  SEE: Roush, Susan E.

Urso, M. L., M. A. Fiatronesingh, A. C. Cosmos, A. Morgham and T. G. Manfredi. "Skeletal Muscle Damage Is an Essential Feature of Tissue Remodeling in Estrogen Deprived Postmenopausal Females (Abstract)." FASEB Journal. 14(4):A468. 2000.

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