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Faculty Publications
Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2001

Applied Pharmaceutical Sciences

Achanta, A. and C. Rhodes. "Evaluation of Proposed OTC Switch for Lovastatin." Clinical Research and Regulatory Affairs. 18(1&2):83-103. 2001.

Achanta, A., P. Adusumil, K. James and C. Rhodes. "Hot-Melt Coating: Water Sorption Behavior of Excipient Films." Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy. 27(3):211-250. 2001.

Achanta, A., P. Adusumil, K. James and C. Rhodes. "Thermodynamic Analysis of Water Interaction With Incipient Films."  Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy. 27(3):227-240. 2001.

Akhlaghi, Fatemah.  SEE also: Majid, Oneeb; Trull, A. K.

Akhlaghi, Fatemeh, Anne M. Keogh, Andrew J. McLachlan and Annemarie Kaan. "Pharmacokinetics of Cyclosporine in Heart Transplant Recipients Receiving Metabolic Inhibitors." Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation. 20(4):431-438. April 2001.

Andrade, Susan E. SEE: Ward, Alexandra.

Dudley, Michael N., Editor. Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy. Vol.45, 2001.

Ette, Ene I., Paul Williams, He Sun, Emmanuel Fadiran, Funmilayo O. Ajayi and Leonard C. Onyiah. "The Process of Knowledge Discovery From Large Pharmaceutical Data Sets." Journal of Clinical Pharmacology. 41(1):25-34. January 2001.

Kidokoro, Motonari, Navnit Shah and Others. "Properties of Tablets Containing Granulations of Ibuprofen and an Acrylic Copolymer Prepared by Thermal Processes." Pharmaceutical and Developmental Technology. 6(2):263. 2001.

Kislalioglu, M. Serpil.  SEE: Mehta, Ketan A.

Luzzi, Louis A., Thomas E. Needham, Hossein Zia and Polireddy Dondeti. Method of Incorporating Proteins Into a Matrix and Administration Thereof Through Mucosa. U.S. US 6,190,699 (Cl.424-489; A61K19/4), 20 February 2001, Appl. 74,778, 8 May 1998.

Majid, Oneeb, Fatemah Akhlaghi, Terry Lee, David W. Holt and Andrew Trull. "Simultaneous Determination of Plasma Prednisolone, Prednisone, and Cortisol Levels by High Performance Liquid Chromotography." Therapeutic Drug Monitoring. 23(2):163-168. March 2001.

Malick, A. Waseem.  SEE: Mehta, Ketan A.

Mehta, Ketan A., M. S. Kislalioglu, W. Phuapradit, A. W. Malick and N. H. Shah. "Release Performance of a Poorly Soluble Drug From a Novel Eudragit (R)-Based Multi-Unit Erosion Matric." International Journal of Pharmaceutics. 213(1):7-12. 1 February 2001.

Needham, Thomas E.  SEE: Luzzi, Louis A.

Rhodes, Christopher T.  SEE also: Achanta, A.

Rhodes, C. "Some Implications of the Phenylpropanotamine Problem." Clinical Research and Regulatory Affairs. 18(1&2):1-16. 2001.

Rhodes, C. "Trazodone and Priapism-Implications for Responses to Adverse Events."  Clinical Research and Regulatory Affairs. 18(1&2):47-52. 2001.

Shah, Navnit.  SEE: Kidokoro, Motonori.

Trull, A. K., S. C. Charman, S. Endenburg, F. Akhlaghi, O. Majid, J. Comelisson, L. D. Sharples, L. A. Street, J. Parameshwar and J. Wallwork. "Ecotoxin and Prednisone Concentrations Regulate the Mobilisation of Peripheral Blood Eosinophils Proceeding Heart Allograft Rejection." Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation. 20(2):161. 2001.

Ward, Alexandra, Cynthia Willey and Susan Andrade. "Patient Education Provided to Asthmatic Children: A Historical Cohort Study of the Implementation of NIH Recommendations." Journal of Asthma. 38(7):141-147. April 2001.

Willey, Cynthia.  SEE: Ward, Alexandra.

Zia, Hossein.  SEE: Luzzi, Louis A.

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