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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2001

Biological Sciences

Bolingbroke, M. and G. Kass-Simon. "20-Hydroxyecdysone Causes Increased Aggressiveness in Female American Lobsters, Homarus americanus." Hormones and Behavior. 39(2):144-156. March 2001.

Carrington, Emily.  SEE also: Gomez, Chiarri, Marta.

Carrington, Emily, Sean Patrick Grace and Thierry Chopin. "Life History Phases and the Biomedical Properties of the Red Alga Chondrus crispus (Rhodaphyta)." Journal of Phycology. 37(5):699-704. October 2001.

Carrington, E. "Predicting Disturbance to Mussel Beds; Physiological Response to a Variable Wave Climate (Abstract)." American Zoologist. 41(6):1407-1408. 2001.

Castro, Kathleen M., J. Stanley Cobb, Richard A. Wahle and John Calena. "Habitat Addition and Stock Enhancement for American Lobsters, Homerus americanus." Marine and Freshwater Research. 52(8):1253-1261. 2001.

Cobb, J. Stanley.  SEE: Castro, Kathleen M.

Costantino, Robert F.   SEE also: Cushing, J. M.; Dennis, Brian; Desharnais, Robert A.; Henson, Shandelle M.

Costantino, Robert, Jim Cushing, Brian Dennis, Robert Desharnais and Shandelle Henson. Nonlinear Population Dynamics.

Cushing, J. M., Shandelle M. Henson, Robert A. Desharnais, Brian Dennis, R. F. Costantino and Aaron King. "A Chaotic Attractor in Ecology: Theory and Experimental Data." Chaos Solitons & Fractals. 12(2):219-234. 2 January 2001.

Delmar, D. P., R. Eshed, P. Hogan, M. Doblin, D. Jacob-Wilk, L. Peng, A. Roberts and D. Holland. "Expression Analysis of the Ten Cellulase Synthase (CesA) Genes of Arabidopsis thaliana (Abstract 510)." Plant Biology. 2001.

Dennis, Brian, Robert A. Desharnais, J. M. Cushing, Shandelle M. Henson and R. F. Costantino. "Estimating Chaos and Complex Dynamics in an Insect Population." Ecological Monographs. 71(2):277-303. May 2001.

Desharnais, Robert A., R. F. Costantino, J. M. Cushing, Shandelle M. Hanson and Brian Dennis. "Chaos and Population Control of Insect Outbreaks." Ecology Letters. 4(3):1-6. May 2001.

Fogg-Matarese, S., Doranne Borsay Horowitz and G. Kass-SImon. "An Evaluation of Three Conventional Histological Techniques for Staining the Cerate of Cratena pilata." Journal of Histotechnology. 24(4):255-258. December 2001.

Goldsmith, Marian R.  SEE also: Sakaguchi, B.

Goldsmith, M. "Bombyx mori."   IN: Encyclopedia of Genetics. Academic Press. 2001.  I:231-233.

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Goldsmith, M. R., Editorial Board. Seriologica. Vol.41, 2001.

Gomez-Chiarri, M., E. Carrington, C. Oviatt and M. Rice. "Shellfish Disease Survey, State of Rhode Island  2000." Report for the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management. 2001.  18p. + 7 Appendices.

Hammen-Winn, Susan. "Amur Cork Trees." Horizons. Spring 2001. p.2.

Hammen-Winn, Susan. "Camperdown Elms." Horizons. Fall 2001.  p.2.

Harlin, Marilyn M.  SEE also: Villalard-Bohnsack,Martine.

Harlin, Marilyn M. and Martine Villalard-Bohnsack. "Seasonal Dynamics and Recruitment Strategies of the Invasive Seaweed Granteloupia doryphora (Halymeniaceae, Rhodophyta) in Narragansett Bay and Rhode Island Sound, Rhode Island, USA." Phycologia. 40(5):468-474. September 2001.

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Heppner, Frank. "Innovation and Inspiration in Education." Science. 294(5542):519. 19 October 2001.

Heppner, F. "Lecturing Is Described  as 'The Stalest Form of Pedagogy'." Science. 294(5542):519. October 19, 2001.

Heppner, Frank. "'Mendel's 'Dominance' in Question (Letter)." American Biology Teacher. 63(3):150,153. March 2001.

Hill, Robert B. "Role of Ca(2+ ) in Excitation-Contraction Coupling in Echinoderm Muscle: Comparison With Role in Other Tissues." Journal of Experimental Biology. 204(5):897-908. March 2001.

Hill, Robert B., Advisory Board. Zoological Science. Vol.18, 2001.

Jackson, Donald C. "Book Review: Unruly River: Two Centuries of Change Along the Missouri. By Robert Kelley Schneiders." Pacific Historical Review. 70(2):316-317. May 2001.

Kass-Simon, Gabriele.  SEE: Bolingbroke, M.; Fogg-Matarese, S.

Killingbeck, K. T. and W. G. Whitford. "Nutrient Resorption in Shrubs Growing by Design, and by Default in Chihuahuan Desert Arroyas." Oecologia. 128(3):351-359. August 2001.

Motta, Philip J. and Cheryl Wilga. "Advances in the Study of Feeding Behaviors, Mechanisms, and Mechanics of Sharks." Environmental Biology of Fishes. 60(1):131-156. February 2001.

Roberts, Alison W.  SEE: Delmar, D. P.

Sakaguchi, Bungo,  Marian R. Goldsmith, Nikolaus A. Spoerel, Yumiko Nakajima, Yutaka Kawaguchi and Katsumi Koga. "Hybridization Diversity of the Chorion Muligene Families of Bombyx mandarina With Reference to Several Genetic Stocks of Bombyx mori." Journal of Insect Biotechnology and Seriocology. 70:173-182. 2001.

Thursby, Glen B.  SEE: Wigand, C.

Villard-Bohnsack, Martine and Marilyn M. Harlin. "Grateloupia dpryphora (Halymeniaceae Rhodophyta) in Rhode Island Waters (USA); Geographical Expansion, Morphological Variations and Associated Algae." Phycologia. 40(4):372-380. July 2001.

Wigand, C., R. L. Comeleo, R. A. McKinney, G. B. Thursby and D. M. Champlin. "Outline of a New Approach to Evaluate Ecological Integrity of Salt Marshes." Human and Ecological Risk Assessment. 7(5):1541-1554. 2001.

Wilga, Cheryl D.  SEE also: Motta, Philip J.

Wilga, C. D., R. E. Huete, P. C. Wainwright and P. J. Motta. "Evolution of Upper Jaw Propulsion Mechanics in Elastomobranches." American Zoologist. 41(6):1248-1257. 2001.

Wilga, Cheryl D. and George V. Lauder. "Functional Morphology of the Pectoral Fins in Bamboo Sharks, Chiloscylliu, plagiosum: Benthic vs Pelagic Station-Holding." Journal of Morphology. 249(3):195-209. September 2001.

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