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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2001

Communicative disorders

Karow, Colleen M.  SEE also: Marshall, Robert C.

Karow, Colleen M., Thomas Marquand and Robert C. Marshall. "Affective Processing in Left and Right Hemisphere Brain-Damaged Subjects With and Without Subcortical Environments." Aphasiology. 15(8):715-729. August 2001.

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Kovarsky, Dana, Barbara Culkatta, Amber Franklin and Geraldine Theadore. "'Communicative Participation' as a Way of Facilitating and Ascertaining Active Outcomes." Topics in Language Disorders. 22(1):1-20. November 2001.

Kovarksy, D. "Forward." Topics in Language Disorders. 22(1):vi. November 2001.

Kovarsky, Dana. "Ruminating on Impairment-Based Assessment and Intervention ... Commentary." Advances in Speech Language Pathology. 3(1):37-454. March 2001.

Marshall, Robert C. "Introduction and Acknowledgements: Remembering Frederick L. Karley." Aphasiology. 15(3):211-212. March 2001.

Marshall, Robert C., Donald B. Freed and Colleen M. Karow. "Learning of Subordinate Category Names by Aphasic Subjects: A Comparison of Deep and Surface-Level Training Methods." Aphasiology. 15(6):585-598. June 2001.

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Preece, John P.  SEE also: Tyler, Richard S.

Preece, John P., Richard S. Tyler, Jay T. Rubenstein, Bruce J. Gantz and Richard J. M. van Hoesel. "Localization of Sound by Binauraul Cochlear Implant Users (Abstract)." Journal of the Acoustical Society of America. 109(5,pt.2):2377. May 2001.

Theodore, Geraldine.  SEE: Kovarsky, Dana.

Timler, Geralyn R.  SEE also: Olswang, L. B.

Timler, Geralyn R. and Lesley B. Olswang. "Variable Sturcture/Variable Performance: Parent and Teacher Perspectives on a School-Age Child With FAS." Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions. 3(1):48-56. Winter 2001.

Tyler, Richard S., George Haskell, John Preece and Cynthia Bergan. "Nurturing Patient Expectations to Enhance the Treatment of Tinnitis." Seminars in Hearing. 22:15-21. 2001.

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