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Faculty Publications
Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2001

Communication Studies

Chen, G. M., Editorial Board. Communication Quarterly. 2001.

Chen, G.M. "Cultural Exchange Square." RIACA (RI Association of Chinese Americans). 2002.  (Monthly Column, in Chinese)

Chen, G. M. "An Examination of Overseas Chinese Communication Studies." Mass Communication Research. 69:1-28. 2001.

Chen, G. M. "From Sorry to Apology: Understanding the Chinese." Chinese Community Forum. 27 July 2001.

Chen, Guo-Ming, Editorial Board. Howard Journal of Communications. 2001.

Chen, G. M. "A Humanistic Approach to Communication Education." Communication Research Newsletter. 25:15-18. 2001.

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Fleming, Arline A. "Humming and Strumming Heritage: URI Professor is a 'Folkie' at Heart (Wood)." Providence Journal. March 3, 2001.   p.C1-2.

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Leatham, Geoff B., Alyson Arnold, Barbara Braswell, Neekpo Brown, Cyrstal Fonseca, Mark Green wood, Kathryn Mitson and Emanuel Vincent. "Rational Differences as Grounds for Interpreting Supporting Interactions."  IN: Arguing Communication; Proceedings of the National Communication Association/American Forensic Association (Alta Conference on Argumentation). 2001.  I:311-318. 2001.

Matoney, Jennifer. "Doc Wood's Folksongs Turn to Gold." Time Out. February 22-23, 2001.  p.1,11.

Mundorf, Norbert.  SEE also: Dholakia, Nikhilesh; Fritz, Wolfgang; Schneider, Tamara R.

Mundorf, Norbert, DeHev Zwick und Nikhilesh Dholakia. "Die Wed-Prasenz Futurender Deutscher Industrieunternehemen."   IN: Fritz, Wolfgang, Hrsg. Internet-Marketing; Marktorientiertes E-Business im Detschland und den USA. Schaffer-Poeschel Verlag. 2001.  p.97+

Reed, Lori Kathleen. A Technological Dis-Ease: Scientific Discourse, Mass Media, and the 'Truths' About 'Computer Addiction'. University of Illinois at Champagn-Urbana. (Thesis-Ph.D.) 2000.  219p.

Schneider, Tamara R., Peter Salovey, Unto Pallonen, Norbert Mundorf, Nelson E. Smith and Wayne T. Steward. "Visual and Auditory Message Framing Effects on Tobacco Smoking." Journal of Applied Social Psychology. 31(4):667-682. April 2001.

Swift, Judith, Director. Buy the Bay, by Maury Klein and Judith Swift, as Part of the Coastal Institute's Symposium "Managing a Moving Target: Narragansett Bay and Rhode Island's Coastal Ecosystems." November 10, 2001.

Swift, Judith, Director. Rogers and Hammerstein's The King & I. Theatre-by-the-Sea. July 24-August 19, 2001.   (Equity Production)

Swift, Judith, Co-Author of Book, Lyricist and Co-Author Rap Lyricist. Uncle Broadway. Co-Directed Workshop at 42nd Street Studies, NY. May 2001; (Equity Production)

Wims, Meaghan. "Professor Wood Releases Golden Record." Good Five Cent Cigar. January 31, 2001.  p.3.

Wood, Stephen C.  SEE also: Fleming, Arline A.; Matony, Jennifer; Wims, Meaghan.

Wood, Stephen. The Golden Vanity (CD). Negoya Records. 2001.

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