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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2001

Community Planning & Landscape Architecture

Atash, Farhad, Editorial Board. Rhode Island Citizen. Vol.1, 2001.

Cameron,  Mark, Ann Forsythe, William A. Green, Henry Lu, Patricia McGirr, Patsy Eubanks Owens and Ronald Stoltz. "Learning Through Service: The Community Design Studio." College Teaching. 49(3):105-113. Summer 2001.

Green, William A.  SEE also: Cameron, Mark.

Green,  William A. "Book Review: Community by Design: New Urbanism for Suburbs and Small Communities, by Kenneth B. Hall, Jr. and Gerald A. Porterfield." Landscape Architecture. 91(12):72-73. December 2001.

Green, Will. "HUD and Beyond (Letter)." Landscape Architecture. 91(9):33-34. September 2001.

Green, Will. "Learning to Teach (Letter)." Landscape Architecture. 91(8):7,9. August 2001.

Opaluch, J., V. Lee, R. Johnston, C. Baker and R. Thompson. "Using GIS Help Communities Visualize the Consequences of Change." Maritimes. 43(10):6-9. 2001.

Thompson, Robert.  SEE also: Opaluch, James J.

Thompson, R., M. Hutchinson and W. DiLibero. "GIS Creates New Opportunities and Issues for Coastal Communities."  Maritimes. 43(1):13-15. 2001.

Thompson, Robert. "How to Negotiate. Book Reviews: Using Assisted Negotiation to Settle Land Disputes: A Guidebook for Public Officials. Lawrence Susskind; Mediating Land Disputes: Pros and Cons. Lawrence Susskind, Micke van der Wansem and Arnold Ciccarelli; Negotiating Environmental Agreements: How to Avoid Escalating Confrontation, Needless Costs, and Unnecessary Litigation. Lawrence Susskins, Sarah McKeaman and Jennifer Thomas-Larmer, Editors: Journal of the American Planning Association. 67(4):469- Autumn 2001.

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