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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2001

Computer Science & Statistics

Bhabra, G. S., L. Gonzalez, S. K. Myeong and J. Powell. "Volatility Prediction During Prolonged Crises: Evidence From the Korean Index Options." Pacific-Basin Finance Journal. 2001.

Bimber, Oliver L., L. Miguel Encarnacao and Pedro Branco. "The Extended Virtual Table: An Optical Extension for Table-Like Projection Systems." Presence: Teleoperators & Virtual Environments. 10(6):613-631. December 2001.

Bimber, Oliver L., Bernd Frohlich, Dieter Schmalsteig and  L. Miguel Encarnacao. "The Virtual Showcase." IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications. 21(6):48-57. November/December 2001.

DiPippo, Lisa Cingiser.  SEE also: Peckham, Joan.

DiPippo, L. Cingiser, V. Fay-Wolfe, L. Nair, E. Hodys and O. Uvarov. "A Real-Time Multi-Agent System Architecture for E-Commerce Applications."  IN: Proceedings of the 5th International System on Autonomous Decentralized Systems. IEEE Computer Society. 2001.  p.357-364.

DiPippo, Lisa Cingiser, Victor Fay Wolfe, Levon Esibov, Gregory Cooper,   Ramachandra Bothmangalkar, Russell Johnston, Bhavania Thuraisingham and John Mauer. "Scheduling and Priority Mapping for Static Real-Time Middlewar." Real-Time Systems. 20(2):155-182. March 2001.

Duchesne, C. and J.-Y. Herve. "A Point-Based Approach to the Interposition Problem in Augmented Reality."  IN: Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Pattern Recognition. IEEE Computer Society. 2001.  I:261-265.

Encarnacao, L. Miguel.  SEE also: Bimber, Oliver.

Encarnacao, L. M., R. J. Barton and D. Zeltzer. "Interactive Exploration of the Underwater Sonar Space."  IN: MTS/IEEE Oceans 2001. An Ocean Odyssey: Conference Proceedings. Marine Technological Society. 2001.  III:1945-1952.

Fay-Wolfe, Victor.  See: DiPippo, Lisa Cingiser; Peckham, Joan.

Gonzalez, Liliana.  SEE: Bhabra, G. S.

Heltshe, James F.  SEE: Roman, Charles T.

Henry, T. M. and B. Ravikumar. "Foreated Texture Mapping With JPEG Compression." IEEE International Conference on Image Processing. 2001.  III:832-835.

Herve, Jean-Yves.  SEE: Duchesne, C.

Peckham, Joan, Lisa DiPippo and Victor Fay-Wolfe. The Design and Development of Information & Computer Systems for URITC. University of Rhode Island Transportation Center. (URITC 99-05) 2001.  46p.

Peckham, Joan and Bonnie MacKellar. "Generating Code for Engineering Design Systems Using Software Patterns." Artificial Intelligence in Engineering. 15(2):219-220. April 2001.

Peckham, Joan, Associate Editor. JDM; Journal of Database Management. 2001.

Ravikumar, Bala.  SEE: Henry, T. M.

Roman, Charles T., Mary-Jane James-Pirri and James F. Heltshe. Monitoring Salt Marsh Vegetation; A Protocol for the Long-Term Coastal Ecosystem Monitoring Program at Cape Cod Seashore. USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center, Coastal Research Field Station, University of Rhode Island. 2001.  47p.

Stephenson, Peter and Bruce Litow. "Running the Line: Line Drawing Using Runs and Runs of Runs." Computers & Graphics. 25(4):681-691. August 2001.

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