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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2001

Nutrition & Food Sciences

English, Catherine.  SEE: Fey-Yensan, Nancy.

Fey-Yensan, Nancy, Cathy English, Susan Ash, Cynthia Wallace and Heather Museler. "Food Safety Risk Identified in a Population of Elderly Home-Delivered Meal Participants." Journal of the American Dietetics Association. 101(9):1055-1057. September2001.

Greene, Geoffrey W.  SEE: Jones, H.; Rossi, Susan R.

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Lee, Chong Min.  SEE: Lian, P.; Park, Eugene.

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Melanson, Kathleen J.  SEE also: Ribisl, P.M.; Rippe, J. M.

Melanson, K. J., J. Dell'Olio, M. R. Carpenter, D. P. Berlin, S. J. Knipe, K. J. McInnis and J. M. Rippe. "The Influence of a 12-Week Walking Program, With and Without Weight Loss, on Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Obese Adults (Abstract)." Obesity Research. 9(Suppl.3):160S. 2001.

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Rand, Arthur Garth.  SEE: Tagi, Seref.

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Sebelia, Linda. "Asparagus Works in Many Beneficial Ways (Low-Cal Cooking)." Providence Journal. April 25, 2001.   p.G4.

Sebelia, Linda. "Bean Side Dishes Can Fit the Bill at Potlucks (Low-Cal Cooking)." Providence Journal. November 28, 2001.  p.G4.

Sebelia, Linda. "Beans Are Cheap, Tasty, and Good for You, Too (Low-Cal Cooking)." Providence Journal. February 14, 2001.  p.G5.

Sebelia, Linda. "Before Dieting, Ask Yourself Some Questions (Low-Cal Cooking)." Providence Journal. January 17, 2001.  p.G4.

Sebelia, Linda. "Black Beans, Tomatoes, Complement Fish Fillets (Low-Cal Cooking)." Providence Journal. November 7, 2001.  p.G4.

Sebelia, Linda. "Blooming Onion Without the Blooming Fat (Low-Cal Cooking)." Providence Journal. October 24, 2001.  p.G4.

Sebelia, Linda. "Combine Garden Veggies With Delicious Halibut (Low-Cal Cooking)." Providence Journal. September 5, 2001.  p.G4.

Sebelia, Linda. "Eat These Two C's for Better Heart Health (Low-Cal Cooking)." Providence Journal. July 11, 2001.   p.G5.

Sebelia, Linda. "Enjoy Seasonal Treats Without the Guilt (Low-Cal Cooking)." Providence Journal. December 26, 2001.  p.E5.

Sebelia, Linda. "Fast Food Isn't Always Fattening; Dairy Can Be OK (Low-Cal Cooking)." Providence Journal. December 5, 2001.  p.G4.

Sebelia, Linda. "Fat-Free Thanksgiving Vegetables (Low-Cal Cooking)." Providence Journal. November 14, 2001.  p.G7.

Sebelia, Linda. "Five-a-Day Challenge Is Colorful (Low-Cal Cooking)." Providence Journal. May 9, 2001.  p.G3.

Sebelia, Linda. "Frozen Vegetables Sometimes Best (Low-Cal Cooking)." Providence Journal. March 28, 2001.   p.G5.

Sebelia, Linda. "Healthful Gift for Dad (Low-Cal Cooking)." Providence Journal. June 13, 2001.  p.G4.

Sebelia, Linda. "Here Are the Simple ABC's to Good Health (Low-Cal Cooking)." Providence Journal. March 21, 2001.   p.G5.

Sebelia, Linda. "Large Coolatta = 2 Quarter Pounders (Low-Cal Cooking)." Providence Journal. August 8, 2001.   p.G12.

Sebelia, Linda. "Meet Zucchini, a Guilt-Free Food (Low-Cal Cooking)." Providence Journal.  August 29, 2001.   p.G6.

Sebelia, Linda. "Mercury-Safe Fish Dish (Low-Cal Cooking)." Providence Journal. August 1, 2001.  p.G5.

Sebelia, Linda. "Nothing Trivial About Pasta (Low-Cal Cooking)." Providence Journal. January 31, 2001.   p.G4.

Sebelia, Linda. "Nutritional Fireworks (Low-Cal Cooking)." Providence Journal. July 4, 2001.  p.F4.

Sebelia, Linda. "Pasta With Winter Squash Takes Care of a Whole Meal (Column)." Providence Journal. October 31, 2001.  p.G4.

Sebelia, Linda. "Planning Ahead for Hunger Attacks (Low-Cal Cooking)." Providence Journal. January 24, 2001.   p.G4.

Sebelia, Linda. "Proud Losers Give Strategies for Their Success  (Low-Cal Cooking)." Providence Journal. December 19, 2001.  p.G4.

Sebelia, Linda. "Red on the Plate Is Good If Its Not Meat (Low-Cal Cooking)." Providence Journal. February 7, 2001.   p.G5.

Sebelia, Linda. "Safe Homemade Eggnog (Low-Cal Cooking)." Providence Journal. December 12, 2001.  p.G4.

Sebelia, Linda. "Salmon Chowder Is Even Better the Second Time (Low-Cal Cooking)." Providence Journal. January 3, 2001.  p.G4.

Sebelia, Linda. "Salsa Perks Up a Pot of Beans (Low-Cal Cooking)." Providence Journal. July 25, 2001.  p.G5.

Sebelia, Linda. "Some Helpful Advice for Lactose Intolerance (Low-Cal Cooking)." Providence Journal. February 21, 2001.  p.G4.

Sebelia, Linda. "Soup Packs High Nutrition for Just a Few Calories (Low-Cal Cooking)." Providence Journal. January 10, 2001.  p.G4.

Sebelia, Linda. "Stalking Rhubarb, a Culinary Powerhouse (Low-Cal Cooking)." Providence Journal. June 6, 2001.   p.G4.

Sebelia, Linda. "Straight Talk Destroys Myths of Losing Weight (Low-Cal Cooking)." Providence Journal. October 17, 2001.  p.G4.

Sebelia, Linda. "Summer's Bounty Is Good for You (Low-Cal Cooking)." Providence Journal. June 27, 2001.  p.G4.

Sebelia, Linda. "Tea Cake With Partly Whole Wheat Flour (Low-Cal Cooking." Providence Journal. April 18, 2001.   p.G4.

Sebelia, Linda. "These Two Dishes Are Just Right for Lent (Low-Cal Cooking)." Providence Journal. March 14, 2001.   p.G4.

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