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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2001


Findlay, James. "All of Us Must Oppose Acts of Racism (Letter)." South County Independent. October 25, 2001.   p.A11.

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George, Timothy S.  SEE also: Minamata Exhibition...; Minamata Disease....

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Joseph, Peniel E. "Winter in America: Color, Democracy, and the Presidential Election." Black Scholar. 31(2):25-29. June 2001.

Klein, Maury.  SEE also: Swift, Judith.

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Klein, Maury. Days of Defiance. Books on Tape. 2001.  15 Sound Cassettes (22 1/2 hours)

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Weisbord, Robert G.  SEE also: Weisbord, Cynthia.

Weisbord, Robert G. "Pope Pius XII's Unsaintly Behavior (Letter)." Providence Journal. January 30, 2001.   p.B5.

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