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Faculty Publications
Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2001

Languages & Literatures, Modern & Classical

de los Heros Diez Canseco, Susana. Discurso, Identidad y Genero en el Castellano Peruano. Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru. Fondo Editorial. 2001.  237p.

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Durand, Alain-Philippe. "Les Envahisseurs; Sur La Television de Jean-Philippe Toussaint." L'Atelier du Roman. Revue Trimestrielle. p.130-237. Juin 2001.

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Hammadou Sullivan, Joann. "The Challenge of Foreign Language Teacher Preparation; Addressing State Teacher Standards." Clearing House. 74(6):305-307. July/August 2001.

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Waters, Chris. "Book Review: Albert Wertheim. The Dramatic Art of Athol Fugard." World Literature Today. 75(2):312. Spring 2001.

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Waters, Chris. "Book Review: Tanure Ojaide. Invoking the Warrier Spirit: New and Selected Poems." World Literature Today. 75(1):99. Winter 2001.

Waters, Chris. "Cardinal's Hour (Poem)." Mid-America Poetry Review. 2(1):30. Spring 2001.

Waters, Chris. "Empty Nest (Poem)." Eagle's Flight. 13(1):4. April 2001.

Waters, Chris. "Hateras 1957."   IN: Waters, Chris. Hateras Symphony. March Street Press. 2001.

Waters, Chris. Hateras Symphony. March Street Press. 2001.

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Waters, Chris. "Steam in August (Poem)." Mobius. 16(1):19. Spring-Summer 2001.

Waters, Chris. "Training Wheels (Poem)." Poetry Depth Quarterly (p.D.Q.) January-February-March 2001.   p.26.

Waters, Chris. "The Two Faces of Baudelaire (Poem)." Mobius. 16(1):27. Spring-Summer 2001.

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