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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2001

Schmidt Labor Research Center

Bodah, Matthew M., Editor. AAUP News. Vol.XXVIII, 2001.

Bodah, Matthew M. "Book Review: Labored Relations: Law, Politics, and the NLRB - A Memoir, by William B. Gould IV." British Journal of Industrial Relations. 39(4):29-32. December 2001.

Bodah, Matthew M. "Congress and the National Labor Relations Board: A Review of the Recent Past." Journal of Labor Research. 22(4):699-722. Fall 2001.

Bodah, Matthew M., Editorial Board. Rhode Island Citizen. Vol.1, 2001.

Molloy, Scott. "Book Review: The Colonial Metamorphoses in Rhode Island: A Study of Institutions in Change. By Sydney V. James." New England Quarterly. 74(1):170-173. March 2001.

Molloy, Scott. "Expat's Good Life Didn't Come Cheap; Irish Memories." Providence Journal. March 17, 2001.   p.B7.

Molloy, Scott. "One Man In a Great Generation." Providence Journal. November 22, 2001.  p.C11.

Molloy, Scott, Compiler. Rhode Island Labor History Newspaper Index. Charles T. Schmidt, Jr. Labor Research Center/Rhode Island Labor History Society. 2001.  (One Disk)

Molloy, Scott. "Take the Pledge." Education Works! (Institute for Labor Studies & Research). Fall 2001.  p.1.

Molloy, Scott. "Viewpoint: I'll Debate; You Pay It Your Own Way." Narragansett Times. March 21, 2001.   p.12-A.

Molloy, Scott. "Viewpoint: Right to Work Offered Nothing But 'Whiny Propaganda'." Narragansett Times. February 7, 2001.   p.12-A.

Thomason, Terry, Timothy P. Schmidle and John F. Burton, Jr. Worker's Compensation: Benefits, Costs, and Safety Under Alternative Insurance Arrangements. W. E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research. 2001.  457p.

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