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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2001

Mechanical Engineering & Applied Mechanics

Asako, Y., M. Faghri, M. Charmchi and E. Goncalves. "Numerical Solution of Melting Processes for Fixed and Unfixed Phase Change Material in the Presence of Magnetic Field-Simulation of Low Gravity Environments." IN:  Proceedings of the ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress amd Exhibition. 2002.

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Chelidze, David.  SEE also: Cusumano, J. P.

Chelidze, D. "Failure Prediction Using Nonlinear Short-Time Prediction and Multi-Time Scale Recursive Estimation."   IN: Proceedings of the 2001 ASME Design Engineering Technical Conference. Pittsburgh, PA. (DETC2001/VIB-21407) 6A:901-910. 2001

Chelidze, D., J. P. Cusumano and A. Chatterlee. "Procedure for Tracking Change and Predicting Remaining Useful Life With Application to an Electromechanical Experimental System."  IN: Component and Systems Diagnostics, Prognostics, and Health Management. (SPIE Proceedings) 2001.   p.12-22.

Cusumano, J. P., D. Chelidze and A. Chatterlee. "A Nonlinear Observer for Damage Evolution Tracking." Shock & Vibration Digest. 33(3): 2001.

Faghri, Mohammad.  SEE also: Asako, Y.; Sunden, Bengt; Turner, Stephen E.

Faghri, M. Phase Change in Low and Jittering Gravity Environment. NASA Technical Report. 2001.

Ghonem, Hamouda.   SEE: Chandra, N.; Osborne, D.

Gomez, Jason T. and Arun Shukla. "Multiple Impact Penetration of Semi-Infinite Concrete." International Journal of Impact Engineering. 25(10):965-979. November 2001.

Gomez, J. T., A. Shukla and A. Sharma. "Static and Dynamic Behavior of Concrete." IN: Proceedings of the 8th Annual Conference on Composite Engineering. 2001.

Gomez, J. T., A. Shukla and A. Sharma. "Static and Dynamic Behavior of Concrete in Tension With Damage." Theoretical and Applied Fracture Mechanics. 36(1):37-49. July-August 2001.

Jouaneh, Musa and B. Comerford. "Incorporating Innovation into a Mechanical Systems Design Course."  IN: Proceedings of the NCIIA 5th Annual National Conference. 2001.  p.414-418.

Jouaneh, Musa. "A New Approach to Teaching as Mechanical Systems Design Course."  Proceedings of the ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exhibition. 2001.  2:665-671.

Kim, Thomas J. "From the Dean's Desk: Southwest Florida Gators Alumni Chapter Visit." University of Rhode Island Engineering Newsletter. 7(2):2. Spring 2001.

Kim, Thomas J., Editorial Board.  University of Rhode Island Engineering Newsletter. Vol.7, 2000/2001.

Osborne, D., N. Chandra and H. Ghonem. "Interphase Behavior of Titanium Matrix Composites at Elevated Temperatures." Composites. Pt. A, Applied Science and Manufacturing. 32(3-4):545-510. March-April 2001.

Palm, William J. Additional Topics in Animations, Graphics, and Simulink: A Supplement to Introduction to Matlab 6 for Engineers. McGraw-Hill Higher Education. 2001.

Palm, William J. Introduction to MATLAB 6 for Engineers. McGraw-Hill. 2001.  600p.

Palm, William J. III. MATLAB for Engineering Applications. McGraw-Hill. 2000.  (1 Vol, Various Pagings)  (In Korean)

Palm, William J. III. MATLAB 6 per l'Ingegneria e le Scienze. McGraw-Hill. 2001.  633p.

Ravi, S., N. G. R. Iyenger, N. N. Kishore and A. Shukla. "Experimental Studies in Damage Growth in Composites Under Dynamic Loads." Applied Composite Materials. B. 8(2):79-97. 2001.

Sadd, Martin H.  SEE also: Brandes, Horst G.; Shukla, A.

Sadd, Martin H. and Qingli Dai. Effect of Microstructure on the Static and Dynamic Behavior of Recycled Asphalt Material. University of Rhode Island Transportation Center. (URITC FY-99-8). 2002.  42p.

Shukla, Arun.  SEE also: Gomez, Jason T.; Ravi, S.

Shukla, A. "High-Speed Fracture Studies on Bimaterial Interfaces Using Photoelasticity -  A Review." Journal of Strain Analysis for Engineering Design. 36(2):119-142. March 2001.

Shukla, A., Technical Editor. International Journal of Experimental Mechanics. 2000.

Shukla, A., M. Sadd, Q. Dai and V. Parameswaran. "Mechanical Behavior of Recycled Asphalt Materials: Experimental and Theoretical Modeling Results."  IN: Proceedings of the International Conference on the Beneficial Use of Recycled Materials in Transportation Applications. 2001.

Shukla, A., Associate Editor. Optics and Lasers in Engineering. 2000.

Shukla, A. Processing and Characterization of a Lightweight Concrete Using Cenospheres. University of Rhode Island. Dept. of Mechanical Engineering. (URI-MCE-01) 2001.  48p.

Shukla, Arun, Arijit Bose, Vikrant Tiwari and Shawn Patrick McBride. Using Cenospheres to Develop New Asphalt and Cement Based Concrete Materials. University of Rhode Island Transportation Center. (URITC FY99-10) 2002. 42p.

Sunden, Bengt and Mohammad Faghri. Heat Transfer in Gas Turbines. Southhampton. 2001.  520p.

Turner, Stephen E., Hongwei Sun, Mohammad Faghri and Otto J. Gregory. "Compressible Gas Flow Through Smooth and Rough Microchannels."  Proceedings of the Heat Transfer Division (ASME). I:381-384. 2001.

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